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Also known asSublime with Rome_header_cell_0_2_0 Sublime (2009–2010)Sublime with Rome_cell_0_2_1
OriginSublime with Rome_header_cell_0_3_0 Long Beach, California, United StatesSublime with Rome_cell_0_3_1
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Years activeSublime with Rome_header_cell_0_5_0 2009–presentSublime with Rome_cell_0_5_1
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Sublime with Rome is a musical collaboration between Eric Wilson, formerly of the American ska punk band Sublime, and singer and guitarist Rome Ramirez. Sublime with Rome_sentence_0

The group's name is not only a reference to the singer's first name, but to the fact that they chiefly perform songs by the original Sublime, which was fronted by Bradley Nowell until his death in 1996. Sublime with Rome_sentence_1

Ramirez began performing with Bud Gaugh (also formerly of Sublime) and Wilson in 2009, where they played under the name "Sublime", until Nowell's estate issued a legal challenge to the use of the trademarked name for a venture not including Nowell. Sublime with Rome_sentence_2

As a result, they changed their name to "Sublime with Rome" in January 2010. Sublime with Rome_sentence_3

The group played at the 2009 Smokeout Festival and embarked on their first tour in 2010, before releasing their debut album, Yours Truly, on July 12, 2011. Sublime with Rome_sentence_4

Gaugh left the band on December 10, 2011, and was replaced by Josh Freese. Sublime with Rome_sentence_5

The lineup of Wilson, Ramirez and Freese recorded the group's second album Sirens, which was released in 2015. Sublime with Rome_sentence_6

Sublime with Rome's third lineup change took place in 2017, when Carlos Verdugo replaced Freese. Sublime with Rome_sentence_7

In May 2019, the new trio released their first album together, and the third for Sublime With Rome, titled Blessings. Sublime with Rome_sentence_8

The album, produced by Rob Cavallo, features the song "Wicked Heart" as the album's first single, reaching No. Sublime with Rome_sentence_9

34 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart. Sublime with Rome_sentence_10

History Sublime with Rome_section_0

Pre-Sublime with Rome days (1997–2009) Sublime with Rome_section_1

In 1997 Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson started Long Beach Dub Allstars, their first project since Bradley Nowell's death. Sublime with Rome_sentence_11

The band played Sublime songs as well as new material. Sublime with Rome_sentence_12

After Long Beach Dub Allstars split up in 2002, Wilson went on to form Long Beach Shortbus, while Gaugh went on to form Eyes Adrift and Volcano (which both featured Meat Puppets guitarist/vocalist Curt Kirkwood). Sublime with Rome_sentence_13

In February 2009 Gaugh and Wilson reunited for a show in Nevada and called themselves Sublime. Sublime with Rome_sentence_14

They were joined by a new singer-guitarist whose identity was not announced; on March 1, 2009, Gaugh confirmed this was then-20-year-old Northern California native Rome Ramirez, who had previously collaborated with Wilson on RAWsession where he played Sublime songs such as "Saw Red" and "Boss DJ". Sublime with Rome_sentence_15

The trio played another show at Cypress Hill's Smokeout Festival on October 24, 2009 in San Bernardino, California. Sublime with Rome_sentence_16

The festival also featured performances from Kottonmouth Kings, Slipknot, Deftones, Bad Brains and Pennywise. Sublime with Rome_sentence_17

Lawsuit (2009–2010) Sublime with Rome_section_2

On October 23, 2009, one day before the Smokeout Festival concert took place, Nowell's family and the executors of his estate threatened Gaugh and Wilson, along with Ramirez, with a lawsuit if the reconstituted band continued to use the Sublime moniker. Sublime with Rome_sentence_18

The statement was posted to the band's official MySpace page and read as follows: Sublime with Rome_sentence_19

On November 3, 2009, a Los Angeles judge shut down an effort by the new lineup of Sublime to perform under the name. Sublime with Rome_sentence_20

Jeremiah Reynolds, who represents the estate of original Sublime singer Bradley Nowell commented on the case: Sublime with Rome_sentence_21

Sublime with Rome_description_list_0

  • The point we tried to make is that we encourage these gentlemen to go out and play. We think they're great musicians. We just don't think it's appropriate to call a group that doesn't have Bradley [Nowell] and has a new lead singer Sublime. It's consistent with Brad's intentions that we seek to protect the name. The court agreed that Bud and Eric and the new lead singer didn't have the right to go out and call themselves Sublime.Sublime with Rome_item_0_0

As part of the preliminary injunction, the new lineup are said to be unable to perform or record under the name Sublime without approval and permission from the Nowell estate. Sublime with Rome_sentence_22

A spokesman for Gaugh and Wilson declined to comment. Sublime with Rome_sentence_23

Thomas Brackey, who represents the surviving Sublime members, did not return calls. Sublime with Rome_sentence_24

The injunction is dependent upon a bond of $125,000 being posted in the event it is later determined that the defendants – the surviving Sublime members – suffered damages as a result of the ruling. Sublime with Rome_sentence_25

Reynolds said the bond would be posted. Sublime with Rome_sentence_26

Gaugh and Wilson issued the following statement: Sublime with Rome_sentence_27

In January 2010, the case was dismissed and it was finally announced that the new lineup of Ramirez, Wilson and Gaugh would perform together under Sublime with Rome. Sublime with Rome_sentence_28

Subsequent touring and Yours Truly (2010–2011) Sublime with Rome_section_3

Asked in October 2009 about the future of the project, Gaugh replied: Sublime with Rome_sentence_29

In February 2010, the band confirmed numerous North American dates, as well as plans to tour Europe in May. Sublime with Rome_sentence_30

However, as of June 2010, a European tour in May never came to fruition. Sublime with Rome_sentence_31

Sublime with Rome live shows include Todd Forman on sax and keyboards; Forman was the original sax player on past Sublime studio albums. Sublime with Rome_sentence_32

Gaugh told that new material from Sublime with Rome was in the cards. Sublime with Rome_sentence_33

The trio wrote three new songs when it first started playing together in February 2009, including one, "Panic", that was performed at all three shows they had done so far. Sublime with Rome_sentence_34

He explained, "We're gonna continue working on material as we're on the road. Sublime with Rome_sentence_35

It's not without question to have a studio in one of the buses while we're on tour. Sublime with Rome_sentence_36

We do a lot of our best creativity on stage, so we'll be trying out new stuff for the fans, even before we go into the studio." Sublime with Rome_sentence_37

In May 2010, Gaugh revealed to that Sublime with Rome would enter the studio in June for a week "and nail down some of the more worked-out songs, and possibly even finish one or two of them for a late summer radio release". Sublime with Rome_sentence_38

The band was expected to have the album out in 2011. Sublime with Rome_sentence_39

On February 5, 2011, Sublime with Rome announced on their official website that they were planning to enter the studio in March to begin recording their debut album, with Butthole Surfers guitarist Paul Leary producing. Sublime with Rome_sentence_40

Ramirez had said several collaborations were being considered. Sublime with Rome_sentence_41

"There will be special guests and some collaborations as well, like one with Aimee Allen." Sublime with Rome_sentence_42

On February 21, 2011 (which happened to be Eric Wilson's 41st birthday), the band posted a statement on their Facebook page saying that they had begun recording the album and would be posting "mad videos" to "let everyone know where to go for a behind the scenes look at the Sublime with Rome process." Sublime with Rome_sentence_43

On April 14, 2011, Ramirez posted an update on Sublime with Rome's official website saying that the album was almost finished and projected a summer release. Sublime with Rome_sentence_44

During the summer 2010 tour, Sublime with Rome performed their first new song "Panic" on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Sublime with Rome_sentence_45

It was also announced that Sublime with Rome officially signed to record label Fueled by Ramen and released their debut album Yours Truly on July 12, 2011. Sublime with Rome_sentence_46

Gaugh's departure and Sirens (2011–2016) Sublime with Rome_section_4

On December 10, 2011, at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, the band announced that it would be the last performance with drummer Bud Gaugh, who would be leaving the group to spend more time with his family as he was expecting a child. Sublime with Rome_sentence_47

Josh Freese filled in for some performances on a temporary basis, before officially joining the band. Sublime with Rome_sentence_48

On January 12, 2012, in an interview posted on, Gaugh expressed regrets about touring and recording with Sublime with Rome stating: Sublime with Rome_sentence_49

Sublime with Rome_description_list_1

  • In hindsight I would not have used the name. I didn't want to in the first place, I was talked into it and I would like to apologize to certain people and the fans for trying to justify or talk them into it as well. The recording was awkward, It felt rushed, felt like I was playing someone else's parts/songs. Other than "Panic", "Paper Cuts", and "Safe and Sound", it pretty much was. Some of the parts that were added after the fact really ruined some of the songs for me, for my liking. I also never agreed to do extensive touring for three years straight so that soured me on this thing.Sublime with Rome_item_1_1

When asked if he saw the band reuniting in the future Gaugh replied, "No, I am done with SWR. Sublime with Rome_sentence_50

I would be into playing music with Eric Wilson, however." Sublime with Rome_sentence_51

When asked how it felt to play Sublime songs again, Gaugh said, "It was really good for the first few months, after that, it just felt wrong. Sublime with Rome_sentence_52

Not playing the songs but playing them with the name Sublime, without Brad." Sublime with Rome_sentence_53

Despite this, Sublime with Rome continued to tour, with Josh Freese taking Gaugh's place. Sublime with Rome_sentence_54

By 2013, Sublime with Rome was expected to return to the studio to record their second album. Sublime with Rome_sentence_55

On May 13, 2015, the first single from then-upcoming album Sirens, titled "Wherever You Go", was released on YouTube. Sublime with Rome_sentence_56

A second single was released on YouTube and iTunes, titled "Sirens (Feat. Sublime with Rome_sentence_57

The Dirty Heads)", on June 29, 2015. Sublime with Rome_sentence_58

Sirens was released on July 17, 2015. Sublime with Rome_sentence_59

Freese's departure, tour with The Offspring, and Blessings (2017–present) Sublime with Rome_section_5

In early 2017, Josh Freese was replaced by former Tribal Seeds drummer Carlos Verdugo. Sublime with Rome_sentence_60

Soon after, the band announced a North American summer tour with The Offspring and The Menzingers. Sublime with Rome_sentence_61

The band's third album, Blessings was produced by Rob Cavallo and released through Red Music in 2019. Sublime with Rome_sentence_62

Ramirez said of the album, "A lot of these songs really came from honestly me being in a spot where I wanted to just write all the lyrics upfront first and focus on what I wanted to say. Sublime with Rome_sentence_63

I just got married, I was having my first child. Sublime with Rome_sentence_64

Things were starting to change for my life; I stopped drinking hard alcohol. Sublime with Rome_sentence_65

Everything was starting to come into focus for this for the next chapter. Sublime with Rome_sentence_66

". Sublime with Rome_sentence_67

Members Sublime with Rome_section_6

Sublime with Rome_description_list_2

Sublime with Rome_unordered_list_3

  • Rome Ramirez – lead vocals, guitar (2009–present)Sublime with Rome_item_3_2
  • Eric Wilson – bass, backing vocals (2009–present)Sublime with Rome_item_3_3
  • Carlos Verdugo – drums, percussion (2017–present)Sublime with Rome_item_3_4

Sublime with Rome_description_list_4

Sublime with Rome_unordered_list_5

  • Bud Gaugh – drums, percussion (2009–2011)Sublime with Rome_item_5_5
  • Josh Freese – drums, percussion (2011–2017)Sublime with Rome_item_5_6

Tours Sublime with Rome_section_7

Sublime with Rome_unordered_list_6

  • Sublime with Rome Tour (2010)Sublime with Rome_item_6_7
  • 311 Unity Tour (2011)Sublime with Rome_item_6_8
  • Sublime with Rome/Cypress Hill/Pepper Tour (2012)Sublime with Rome_item_6_9
  • Sublime with Rome Summer Tour (2016)Sublime with Rome_item_6_10
  • Sublime with Rome/The Offspring Summer Tour (2017)Sublime with Rome_item_6_11
  • SOJA and Sublime With Rome Summer Tour (2019)Sublime with Rome_item_6_12

Discography Sublime with Rome_section_8

Studio albums Sublime with Rome_section_9

Singles Sublime with Rome_section_10

Sublime with Rome_table_general_1

YearSublime with Rome_header_cell_1_0_0 TitleSublime with Rome_header_cell_1_0_1 US AltSublime with Rome_header_cell_1_0_2 US RockSublime with Rome_header_cell_1_0_3 CAN AltSublime with Rome_header_cell_1_0_4 AlbumSublime with Rome_header_cell_1_0_5
2011Sublime with Rome_cell_1_1_0 "Panic"Sublime with Rome_cell_1_1_1 4Sublime with Rome_cell_1_1_2 10Sublime with Rome_cell_1_1_3 11Sublime with Rome_cell_1_1_4 Yours TrulySublime with Rome_cell_1_1_5
"Take It or Leave It"Sublime with Rome_cell_1_2_0 23Sublime with Rome_cell_1_2_1 37Sublime with Rome_cell_1_2_2 Sublime with Rome_cell_1_2_3
2015Sublime with Rome_cell_1_3_0 "Wherever You Go"Sublime with Rome_cell_1_3_1 17Sublime with Rome_cell_1_3_2 Sublime with Rome_cell_1_3_3 Sublime with Rome_cell_1_3_4 SirensSublime with Rome_cell_1_3_5
2018Sublime with Rome_cell_1_4_0 "Wicked Heart"Sublime with Rome_cell_1_4_1 34Sublime with Rome_cell_1_4_2 Sublime with Rome_cell_1_4_3 Sublime with Rome_cell_1_4_4 BlessingsSublime with Rome_cell_1_4_5

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