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Scientific classification SylviranaSylvirana_header_cell_0_1_0
Kingdom:Sylvirana_cell_0_2_0 AnimaliaSylvirana_cell_0_2_1
Phylum:Sylvirana_cell_0_3_0 ChordataSylvirana_cell_0_3_1
Class:Sylvirana_cell_0_4_0 AmphibiaSylvirana_cell_0_4_1
Order:Sylvirana_cell_0_5_0 AnuraSylvirana_cell_0_5_1
Family:Sylvirana_cell_0_6_0 RanidaeSylvirana_cell_0_6_1
Genus:Sylvirana_cell_0_7_0 Sylvirana

Dubois [], 1992Sylvirana_cell_0_7_1

Type speciesSylvirana_header_cell_0_8_0

Sylvirana is a genus of true frogs, family Ranidae, found in South and East Asia, from northeastern India in west to China in the north, Taiwan in the east, and Thailand in the south. Sylvirana_sentence_0

Originally proposed as a subgenus of Rana in 1992, it has been considered both a full genus and a synonym of Hylarana. Sylvirana_sentence_1

Its current recognition at generic level stems from molecular genetic analyses published in 2015. Sylvirana_sentence_2

Description Sylvirana_section_0

Sylvirana are generally medium-size frogs with robust bodies. Sylvirana_sentence_3

They have similar postocular masks as in Papurana. Sylvirana_sentence_4

The upper lip is gray, off-white, or occasionally, mottled. Sylvirana_sentence_5

The dorsum is shagreened with spicules, or it can be warty. Sylvirana_sentence_6

The dorsolateral folds a medium-sized and well-developed, either pale or the same color as the dorsum. Sylvirana_sentence_7

The flanks have dark coloration below lateral ridges that fades to pale with well-defined dark spots. Sylvirana_sentence_8

Males have paired vocal sac that may be internal or external. Sylvirana_sentence_9

Species Sylvirana_section_1

There are 12 recognized species: Sylvirana_sentence_10

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