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Take 40 Australia was Australia's first and longest-running music countdown. Take 40 Australia_sentence_0

It counted down the official top 40 singles as per the ARIA chart on a weekly basis. Take 40 Australia_sentence_1

It was broadcast nationally each week to over 1.2 million listeners. Take 40 Australia_sentence_2

Starting in 1984, the show ended after 32 years with its final broadcast on Saturday 3 September 2016. Take 40 Australia_sentence_3

History Take 40 Australia_section_0

Take 40 Australia first hit the airwaves in 1984 and was hosted by Barry Bissell for 20 years until his retirement in 2004. Take 40 Australia_sentence_4

Bissell was an integral part of the show's success, counting down Australia's 40 biggest songs. Take 40 Australia_sentence_5

He also celebrated the 1000th show milestone in 2003. Take 40 Australia_sentence_6

In November 2004, Andrew Günsberg (also known as "Andrew G") replaced Bissell as host. Take 40 Australia_sentence_7

Günsberg hosted the show until November 2009. Take 40 Australia_sentence_8

In November 2009, Günsberg was replaced by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O. Take 40 Australia_sentence_9

Sandilands remained with the show until December 2011 and Jackie hosted the show solo until 2013. Take 40 Australia_sentence_10

Angus O'Loughlin replaced Jackie O as host. Take 40 Australia_sentence_11

In February 2014, Ash London was announced as co-host of the show joining Angus. Take 40 Australia_sentence_12

London left the show in December 2015 after resigning from Southern Cross Austereo. Take 40 Australia_sentence_13

Emma Freedman was announced as co-host replacing London. Take 40 Australia_sentence_14

In August 2016, Southern Cross Austereo announced a revamped weekend lineup for the Hit Network and Take 40 Australia was no longer part of the lineup. Take 40 Australia_sentence_15

The show ended after 32 years on Saturday 3 September 2016. Take 40 Australia_sentence_16

"Closer" by The Chainsmokers was the last song to be played. Take 40 Australia_sentence_17

During its run, Take 40, in association with Australian record companies, released a number of hit music compilation albums on CD and cassette. Take 40 Australia_sentence_18

Special mentions: Take 40 Australia_sentence_19

Take 40 Australia_unordered_list_0

  • TAKE 40 #1 (1991, Festival Records)Take 40 Australia_item_0_0
  • TAKE 40 - 10 Years of No.1 Hits (1995, Festival Records)Take 40 Australia_item_0_1
  • TAKE 40 - Certified Hits Collection (2000, Sony Music)Take 40 Australia_item_0_2
  • TAKE 40 PLATINUM (2002, Warner Music)Take 40 Australia_item_0_3
  • TAKE 40 PLATINUM CD/DVD (2003, Sony Music) included a DVD of music videosTake 40 Australia_item_0_4

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