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The One ShowThe One Show_header_cell_0_0_0
GenreThe One Show_header_cell_0_1_0 News magazineThe One Show_cell_0_1_1
Presented byThe One Show_header_cell_0_2_0 The One Show_cell_0_2_1
Country of originThe One Show_header_cell_0_3_0 United KingdomThe One Show_cell_0_3_1
Original languageThe One Show_header_cell_0_4_0 EnglishThe One Show_cell_0_4_1
No. of episodesThe One Show_header_cell_0_5_0 3,108

(as of 2 December 2020)The One Show_cell_0_5_1

ProductionThe One Show_header_cell_0_6_0
News editorThe One Show_header_cell_0_7_0 Sandy SmithThe One Show_cell_0_7_1
Production locationsThe One Show_header_cell_0_8_0 The One Show_cell_0_8_1
Running timeThe One Show_header_cell_0_9_0 30–60 minutesThe One Show_cell_0_9_1
Production companyThe One Show_header_cell_0_10_0 BBC StudiosThe One Show_cell_0_10_1
ReleaseThe One Show_header_cell_0_11_0
Original networkThe One Show_header_cell_0_12_0 BBC OneThe One Show_cell_0_12_1
Picture formatThe One Show_header_cell_0_13_0 1080iThe One Show_cell_0_13_1
Original releaseThe One Show_header_cell_0_14_0 14 August 2006 (2006-08-14) –

presentThe One Show_cell_0_14_1

External linksThe One Show_header_cell_0_15_0

The One Show is a British television magazine and chat show programme. The One Show_sentence_0

Broadcast live on BBC One weeknights at 7:00 pm, it features topical stories and studio guests. The One Show_sentence_1

It is currently co-hosted by Alex Jones and guest hosts. The One Show_sentence_2

Various reporters also assist with subject-specific presenting, both in the studio and on location, or through filmed segments. The One Show_sentence_3

Originally produced in Birmingham and then in the BBC Media Village in White City, London, since 2014 the studio has been based in Broadcasting House, the BBC's headquarters in London. The One Show_sentence_4

Launched with a pilot series in 2006, leading to a full series from 2007, it has had various previous permanent and temporary hosts. The One Show_sentence_5

After initial low ratings, the partnership of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley from 2007 to 2010 has been credited with boosting ratings and establishing the show as a popular staple of British viewing. The One Show_sentence_6

The longest-serving partnership was between Jones and Matt Baker, who hosted together between 2011 and 2020. The One Show_sentence_7

The programme is usually 30 minutes long, although it is occasionally extended to an hour. The One Show_sentence_8

It runs all year round, apart from a two-week break at Christmas and a four-week summer holiday, with the summer slot filled with a highlights show, The One Show: Best of British, presented by Matt Allwright and Lucy Siegle. The One Show_sentence_9

Launching the full series represented a major financial commitment for the BBC, and was seen by it as a first test of a wide-ranging restructuring of the BBC's production arm into a more flexible and creative organisation, with the show seen as a potential platform for piloting other programme ideas. The One Show_sentence_10

Format The One Show_section_0

As a topical magazine programme, The One Show covers a variety of stories, ranging from light-hearted humour to serious issues or tragic current events. The One Show_sentence_11

The broadcast features a mix of in-studio presenting, outside live broadcasting, and pre-recorded segments. The One Show_sentence_12

Reporters and other experts are included to provide contributions on various topics, both in the studio and as part of segments. The One Show_sentence_13

Special guests are usually introduced at the top of the show, and remain throughout, often being encouraged to interact with it in various ways, as opposed to simply answering questions. The One Show_sentence_14

Inside the studio, videotaping is done in front of a small standing audience, and focuses on two sofas (one for the two presenters, one for guests and contributors) arranged around a coffee table, often serving a practical use, e.g. during food tasting. The One Show_sentence_15

Use of the forecourt of Broadcasting House for outside live broadcasts is common, allowing for a larger audience and/or a bigger stage for a performance or demonstration. The One Show_sentence_16

The show often takes an active part in events such as Comic Relief/Sport Relief and Children in Need. The One Show_sentence_17

Cross-promotion of other BBC shows is common, although under BBC rules the show cannot give the BBC preferential coverage. The One Show_sentence_18

History The One Show_section_1

The One Show was initially commissioned for a four-week trial run. The One Show_sentence_19

It was broadcast on weeknights at 6:55 pm between 14 August and 8 September 2006. The One Show_sentence_20

The programme was billed as a topical magazine show that was to showcase stories of interest from around the United Kingdom. The One Show_sentence_21

The trial was hosted by Adrian Chiles and Nadia Sawalha, featuring reports from a variety of people across the UK. The One Show_sentence_22

The show was intended to be an updated version of the BBC news magazine show Nationwide (1969–83). The One Show_sentence_23

After favourable viewing figures for the pilot, the show returned for a full series after being revamped on 9 July 2007. The One Show_sentence_24

Team members were Adrian Chiles, studio presenter, Hardeep Singh Kohli, head roving reporter, and 13 other reporters or contributors. The One Show_sentence_25

A number of changes were made to the format. The One Show_sentence_26

The show was moved from Birmingham to London. The One Show_sentence_27

Sawalha was replaced by Myleene Klass. The One Show_sentence_28

Klass then left in August to give birth to her first child, and was replaced by Christine Bleakley. The One Show_sentence_29

The line-up was completed by the addition of a new team of reporters. The One Show_sentence_30

The show replaced Real Story, and Holiday. The One Show_sentence_31

The show's 400th episode aired on 18 March 2009; this was an hour in length instead of the usual 30 minutes. The One Show_sentence_32

From September 2009, The One Show included a 60-minute episode every week, after successfully trying the format in May 2009. The One Show_sentence_33

The hour-long format continued until December 2009, and was revived in April 2011. The One Show_sentence_34

On 13 April 2010, it was announced the show was being revamped with an hour-long Friday episode, to be hosted by Chris Evans. The One Show_sentence_35

He was not due to start until after the summer break, but prior to this, both Chiles and Bleakley left the show. The One Show_sentence_36

Chiles departed first, this being announced on 19 April, his last appearance being on 30 April. The One Show_sentence_37

His replacement was announced on 26 May as Jason Manford, to begin in July. The One Show_sentence_38

Bleakley continued alongside stand-ins until the last show before the break, on 10 June 2010, with her departure confirmed during the break, on 8 July. The One Show_sentence_39

The BBC had also confirmed that following the break, The One Show would be broadcast in high-definition, with the set updated to HD standards. The One Show_sentence_40

The show returned on 12 July with stand-in presenters. The One Show_sentence_41

On 26 July, S4C presenter Alex Jones was announced as the new female co-host. The One Show_sentence_42

The new lineup of Jones and Manford on Monday to Thursday, and Jones and Evans on Friday, did not debut until the week beginning 16 August, Evans' first show being Friday 20 August. The One Show_sentence_43

On Friday 19 November, it was announced Manford was resigning; his last show had aired that Wednesday, for – owing to the Children in Need telethon being on Friday – Chris Evans had presented the end-of-week episode on Thursday. The One Show_sentence_44

Filling in, Jones was joined by guest presenters including Matt Baker, Alexander Armstrong and Matt Allwright on Monday to Thursday, with Evans also presenting extra episodes on occasion. The One Show_sentence_45

The show began broadcasting from New Broadcasting House on 6 January 2014 with revamped opening title sequence graphics. The One Show_sentence_46

The opening sequence is also enhanced for the run-up to Christmas each year with extra vocals and visual sparkle. The One Show_sentence_47

On 25 January 2011, Matt Baker was announced as Manford's replacement. The One Show_sentence_48

On 19 June 2015 it was announced Evans would be leaving, his last show being 10 July 2015. The One Show_sentence_49

Following the departure of Evans, the Friday show has been presented by Jones alongside various guest presenters, the first being Patrick Kielty (on 17 July). The One Show_sentence_50

On 26 January 2015, an FA Cup draw was performed on the show for the first time, for the 2014–15 FA Cup Fifth Round Proper. The One Show_sentence_51

The BBC regained the broadcasting rights for the Cup from that season and since then, draws have been a semi-regular occurrence on the programme. The One Show_sentence_52

On 1 February 2016, the show broadcast an extended one-hour tribute to TV and radio host Sir Terry Wogan, who had died the previous day. The One Show_sentence_53

This format was repeated (albeit for the usual 30-minute duration) on 31 March 2016 as a tribute to comedian Ronnie Corbett who had died earlier in the day. The One Show_sentence_54

On 17 May 2016, the show broadcast a 25-minute EastEnders special, EastEnders: Last Orders, to mark the end of the era of the character Peggy Mitchell, who was to be leaving the soap for the final time; the show went out live from Albert Square, with cast members talking about Peggy and the show itself. The One Show_sentence_55

On 6 January 2017, Jones presented her last show before going on maternity leave; guest presenters Angela Scanlon and Michelle Ackerley began to take over for Jones effective 9 January. The One Show_sentence_56

Jones called into the show on 26 January to announce that she had given birth to a baby boy. The One Show_sentence_57

In April 2019, Jones went on maternity leave for the second time, giving birth on 13 May to a baby boy. The One Show_sentence_58

Jones’ maternity leave is being covered again by Angela Scanlon and Michelle Ackerley, and she hopes to return to the show in early 2020. The One Show_sentence_59

On 4 December 2019, Matt Baker announced he will leave the show in Spring 2020 to spend more time with his family, but reassured viewers that he will continue to work with the BBC. The One Show_sentence_60

Matt Baker left on 31 March 2020, and the BBC confirmed that he would not be replaced, with the programme instead relying on guest hosts to present alongside Jones on a permanent basis. The One Show_sentence_61

Production The One Show_section_2

The pilot show was transmitted from a temporary studio built at The Mailbox complex in Birmingham. The One Show_sentence_62

It was produced by BBC Birmingham, with production input from various BBC regions. The One Show_sentence_63

When The One Show returned for a full series, it was moved to BBC Media Village in White City, London, in 2007. The One Show_sentence_64

It moved again to Broadcasting House in January 2014. The One Show_sentence_65

On 23 February 2011, the fire alarm at the BBC White City studios went off, causing the programme to be taken off air and the remainder of the show was replaced with a recording of Nigel Slater's Simple Suppers. The One Show_sentence_66

Ratings The One Show_section_3

In 2014, the show was attracting an average daily audience of 5 million viewers. The One Show_sentence_67

It received its lowest ever audience on Friday 24 June 2011, with just 1.92 million tuning in; the reason for this unusually low figure was because the show was unexpectedly moved to BBC Two after a Wimbledon match overran. The One Show_sentence_68

The trend to a Friday ratings slump coincided with Evans' being handed the role of co-host for the pre-weekend edition in early 2011. The One Show_sentence_69

The show shed two million viewers for the Friday edition after Evans joined the programme. The One Show_sentence_70

The show reached a 12-month-high audience on 18 January 2013 of 5.83 million viewers. The One Show_sentence_71

Popular Culture The One Show_section_4

A popular unofficial companion podcast The The One Show Show launched in 2018. The One Show_sentence_72

Presented by writer and comedian Jon Holmes with co-host Marc Haynes and guests, it 'takes a deep dive in to TVs shallowest programme'. The One Show_sentence_73

The weekly show (in two parts) analyses The One Show in forensic detail with presenters, segues, film items and studio guests being mined for laughs. The One Show_sentence_74

A live version of the podcast sold out the London Podcast Festival in 2019 with guest Fi Glover. The One Show_sentence_75

Other notable guests have included Jane Garvey and Jay Rayner, who resigned from his One Show presenting job on the podcast. The One Show_sentence_76

Presenters The One Show_section_5

Current presenters The One Show_section_6

The One Show_table_general_1

PresenterThe One Show_header_cell_1_0_0 DurationThe One Show_header_cell_1_0_1
Alex JonesThe One Show_cell_1_1_0 2010—The One Show_cell_1_1_1

Maternity cover for Alex Jones (2019) The One Show_section_7

The One Show_table_general_2

WeekThe One Show_header_cell_2_0_0 PresenterThe One Show_header_cell_2_0_1 NotesThe One Show_header_cell_2_0_2
29 April - 3 MayThe One Show_cell_2_1_0 Angellica BellThe One Show_cell_2_1_1 The One Show_cell_2_1_2
6 May - 10 MayThe One Show_cell_2_2_0
13 May - 17 MayThe One Show_cell_2_3_0
20 May - 24 MayThe One Show_cell_2_4_0 Angela ScanlonThe One Show_cell_2_4_1 22 May: no edition

30 May: Alex Scott presented instead of ScanlonThe One Show_cell_2_4_2

27 May - 31 MayThe One Show_cell_2_5_0
3 – 7 JuneThe One Show_cell_2_6_0 Emma WillisThe One Show_cell_2_6_1 The One Show_cell_2_6_2
10 – 14 JuneThe One Show_cell_2_7_0
17 – 21 JuneThe One Show_cell_2_8_0 Angela ScanlonThe One Show_cell_2_8_1 The One Show_cell_2_8_2
24 – 28 JuneThe One Show_cell_2_9_0 Mel GiedroycThe One Show_cell_2_9_1 The One Show_cell_2_9_2
22 – 26 JulyThe One Show_cell_2_10_0 Angellica BellThe One Show_cell_2_10_1 The One Show_cell_2_10_2
29 July – 2 AugustThe One Show_cell_2_11_0 Stacey DooleyThe One Show_cell_2_11_1 The One Show_cell_2_11_2
5 – 9 AugustThe One Show_cell_2_12_0 Michelle AckerleyThe One Show_cell_2_12_1 The One Show_cell_2_12_2
12 – 16 AugustThe One Show_cell_2_13_0
19 - 23 AugustThe One Show_cell_2_14_0 Angellica BellThe One Show_cell_2_14_1 The One Show_cell_2_14_2
26 - 30 AugustThe One Show_cell_2_15_0 Emma WillisThe One Show_cell_2_15_1 26 August: no editionThe One Show_cell_2_15_2
2-6 SeptemberThe One Show_cell_2_16_0 Mel GiedroycThe One Show_cell_2_16_1 2 & 3 September: Alex Scott presented instead of GiedroycThe One Show_cell_2_16_2
9-13 SeptemberThe One Show_cell_2_17_0 Angela ScanlonThe One Show_cell_2_17_1 12 & 13 September: Angellica Bell presented instead of ScanlonThe One Show_cell_2_17_2
16-20 SeptemberThe One Show_cell_2_18_0 Angela ScanlonThe One Show_cell_2_18_1 The One Show_cell_2_18_2
23-27 SeptemberThe One Show_cell_2_19_0 Clara AmfoThe One Show_cell_2_19_1 27 September: Angellica Bell presented instead of AmfoThe One Show_cell_2_19_2
30 September - 4 OctoberThe One Show_cell_2_20_0 Michelle AckerleyThe One Show_cell_2_20_1 2 October: no editionThe One Show_cell_2_20_2
7-11 OctoberThe One Show_cell_2_21_0
14-18 OctoberThe One Show_cell_2_22_0 Angellica BellThe One Show_cell_2_22_1 The One Show_cell_2_22_2
21-25 OctoberThe One Show_cell_2_23_0 Michelle AckerleyThe One Show_cell_2_23_1 The One Show_cell_2_23_2
28 October - 1 NovemberThe One Show_cell_2_24_0 Alex ScottThe One Show_cell_2_24_1 1 November: Angellica Bell presented instead of ScottThe One Show_cell_2_24_2
4-8 NovemberThe One Show_cell_2_25_0 Michelle AckerleyThe One Show_cell_2_25_1 The One Show_cell_2_25_2
11-15 NovemberThe One Show_cell_2_26_0
18-22 NovemberThe One Show_cell_2_27_0 Angellica BellThe One Show_cell_2_27_1 The One Show_cell_2_27_2
25-29 NovemberThe One Show_cell_2_28_0 Angela ScanlonThe One Show_cell_2_28_1 The One Show_cell_2_28_2
2-6 DecemberThe One Show_cell_2_29_0 Angellica BellThe One Show_cell_2_29_1 The One Show_cell_2_29_2
9-13 DecemberThe One Show_cell_2_30_0 Michelle AckerleyThe One Show_cell_2_30_1 The One Show_cell_2_30_2
16-20 DecemberThe One Show_cell_2_31_0 Alex ScottThe One Show_cell_2_31_1 The One Show_cell_2_31_2

Relief presenters The One Show_section_8

The One Show_table_general_3

PresenterThe One Show_header_cell_3_0_0 DurationThe One Show_header_cell_3_0_1
Gabby LoganThe One Show_cell_3_1_0 2009–2010, 2013—The One Show_cell_3_1_1
Gethin JonesThe One Show_cell_3_2_0 2009, 2020—The One Show_cell_3_2_1
Matt AllwrightThe One Show_cell_3_3_0 2010—The One Show_cell_3_3_1
Michael BallThe One Show_cell_3_4_0 2013, 2016—The One Show_cell_3_4_1
Patrick KieltyThe One Show_cell_3_5_0 2014—The One Show_cell_3_5_1
Angellica BellThe One Show_cell_3_6_0 2014—The One Show_cell_3_6_1
Ore OdubaThe One Show_cell_3_7_0 2015—The One Show_cell_3_7_1
Gyles BrandrethThe One Show_cell_3_8_0 2016—The One Show_cell_3_8_1
Michelle AckerleyThe One Show_cell_3_9_0 2016—The One Show_cell_3_9_1
Angela ScanlonThe One Show_cell_3_10_0 2016—The One Show_cell_3_10_1
Amol RajanThe One Show_cell_3_11_0 2017—The One Show_cell_3_11_1
Ronan KeatingThe One Show_cell_3_12_0 2017, 2020—The One Show_cell_3_12_1
Rylan Clark-NealThe One Show_cell_3_13_0 2019—The One Show_cell_3_13_1
Alex ScottThe One Show_cell_3_14_0 2019—The One Show_cell_3_14_1
Chris RamseyThe One Show_cell_3_15_0 2020—The One Show_cell_3_15_1
Jermaine JenasThe One Show_cell_3_16_0 2020—The One Show_cell_3_16_1

Former presenters The One Show_section_9

The One Show_table_general_4

PresenterThe One Show_header_cell_4_0_0 DurationThe One Show_header_cell_4_0_1
Adrian ChilesThe One Show_cell_4_1_0 2006–2010The One Show_cell_4_1_1
Nadia SawalhaThe One Show_cell_4_2_0 2006The One Show_cell_4_2_1
Myleene KlassThe One Show_cell_4_3_0 2007The One Show_cell_4_3_1
Christine BleakleyThe One Show_cell_4_4_0 2007–2010The One Show_cell_4_4_1
Chris EvansThe One Show_cell_4_5_0 2010–2015The One Show_cell_4_5_1
Jason ManfordThe One Show_cell_4_6_0 2010The One Show_cell_4_6_1
Matt BakerThe One Show_cell_4_7_0 2011–2020The One Show_cell_4_7_1

Guest presenters The One Show_section_10

Guest presenters are indicated in bold while other notable guests are indicated in italics. The One Show_sentence_77

The One Show_table_general_5

2021The One Show_header_cell_5_0_0
WeekThe One Show_header_cell_5_1_0 MondayThe One Show_header_cell_5_1_1 TuesdayThe One Show_header_cell_5_1_2 WednesdayThe One Show_header_cell_5_1_3 ThursdayThe One Show_header_cell_5_1_4 FridayThe One Show_header_cell_5_1_5

Other guest presenters The One Show_section_11

The following have guest presented episodes of The One Show (as of 2 November 2020) The One Show_sentence_78

The One Show: Best of Britain presenters The One Show_section_12

The One Show_table_general_6

PresenterThe One Show_header_cell_6_0_0 DurationThe One Show_header_cell_6_0_1
Louise MinchinThe One Show_cell_6_1_0 2010–2014The One Show_cell_6_1_1
Matt AllwrightThe One Show_cell_6_2_0 2010–2014The One Show_cell_6_2_1

Reporters The One Show_section_13

Current The One Show_section_14

Former The One Show_section_15

Controversies The One Show_section_16

Carol Thatcher The One Show_section_17

Carol Thatcher did not have her short-term contract as a One Show roving reporter renewed after the BBC refused to accept her apology following an allegedly racist comment made in January 2009 following filming. The One Show_sentence_79

It was made during a private conversation between her, presenter Adrian Chiles and guest, comedian Jo Brand, but the comment was subsequently reported to BBC staff. The One Show_sentence_80

Thatcher argued that the comment had been meant in jest, and that she considered the way the incident had been handled to be a breach of trust, for which she expected an apology from the BBC. The One Show_sentence_81

Jeremy Clarkson The One Show_section_18

On 30 November 2011, over 21,000 complaints were received because Jeremy Clarkson made two allegedly offensive comments on the show, one in relation to the recent public sector strikes, and another on suicide. The One Show_sentence_82

The One Show apologised for the suicide comment. The One Show_sentence_83

The incident registered 763 complaints to regulator OFCOM, the third highest recorded in 2011. The One Show_sentence_84

Jimmy Carr The One Show_section_19

Two jokes told by comedian Jimmy Carr on 4 November 2015 episode were referred to regulator OFCOM for investigation regarding their potentially discriminatory nature. The One Show_sentence_85

The jokes were found to be in breach of their broadcasting code, leading the BBC to alter its existing arrangements for ensuring guests do not swear or use offensive language, to also explicitly discourage jokes made at the expense of minorities. The One Show_sentence_86

Paul O'Grady The One Show_section_20

The BBC received complaints that while being interviewed in January 2014 about the issue of benefit reform, the Labour Party supporter and television presenter Paul O'Grady was not adequately challenged on his views, described as forthright in their condemnation of the Channel 4 documentary, Benefits Street. The One Show_sentence_87

The BBC responded by arguing that a variety of opinions had been heard, and that balance need not be addressed simply through a single programme. The One Show_sentence_88

Rita Ora The One Show_section_21

Singer Rita Ora generated hundreds of complaints to the BBC over her choice of clothing for a 5 January 2015 appearance on the show, in which she wore a trouser suit with nothing underneath the jacket, the fit of which exposed her full cleavage. The One Show_sentence_89

The BBC defended her clothing as being broadly in line with most viewers' expectations of a pop star's choice of attire, while also making clear it would have requested a more modest outfit had she consulted with them first. The One Show_sentence_90

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