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This article is about the New York band. The Rapture (band)_sentence_0

For other bands, see Rapture (disambiguation). The Rapture (band)_sentence_1

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OriginThe Rapture (band)_header_cell_0_2_0 New York, New York, United StatesThe Rapture (band)_cell_0_2_1
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The Rapture is an American rock band from New York City, formed in 1998. The Rapture (band)_sentence_2

The band currently consists of Luke Jenner (lead vocals, guitar), Vito Roccoforte (drums, percussion), and Gabriel Andruzzi (keyboards, bass, saxophone, percussion). The Rapture (band)_sentence_3

The classic lineup (1999-2009) added Mattie Safer playing bass and sharing lead vocal duties with Jenner. The Rapture (band)_sentence_4

Safer and Jenner's harmonized choruses became part of the signature sound of the band, featuring on several of the band’s more well known songs. The Rapture (band)_sentence_5

The band mix influences from many genres including dance-punk, post-punk, acid house, disco, and electronica. The Rapture (band)_sentence_6

They were forerunners of the post-punk revival during the early 2000s, as they mixed their early post-punk sound with electronic and dance elements. The Rapture (band)_sentence_7

The band began by releasing a mini-album, Mirror, in January 1999, under Gravity Records. The Rapture (band)_sentence_8

Afterward, in 2001, the band signed to Sub Pop and released the EP Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks. The Rapture (band)_sentence_9

The band released the song "House of Jealous Lovers" in 2002 under their new record label DFA Records. The Rapture (band)_sentence_10

After a re-release of the song, it peaked at number 27 on the UK Singles Chart in 2003 and received critical acclaim. The Rapture (band)_sentence_11

Later that year, the band released their first full-length studio album, Echoes. The Rapture (band)_sentence_12

The band released their second studio album, Pieces of the People We Love, in 2006 under Universal Records and Vertigo Records, featuring production from Danger Mouse, Paul Epworth, and Ewan Pearson. The Rapture (band)_sentence_13

The band entered a small hiatus in 2008 after band member Luke Jenner left the band, but he eventually returned to the band after 8 months. The Rapture (band)_sentence_14

Mattie Safer, the band's long time bassist and vocalist, also left the band permanently in 2009. The Rapture (band)_sentence_15

After a re-signing to DFA Records, the band released their third studio album, In the Grace of Your Love, in September 2011, which was their first studio album in five years. The Rapture (band)_sentence_16

In 2014, it was revealed that the Rapture had disbanded, though no official statement had been made. The Rapture (band)_sentence_17

The band later reunited in 2019 without Safer. The Rapture (band)_sentence_18

History The Rapture (band)_section_0

Formation, Mirror and Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks (1998–2002) The Rapture (band)_section_1

See also: Mirror (The Rapture album) and Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks The Rapture (band)_sentence_19

In 1998, drummer Vito Roccoforte and guitarist/vocalist Luke Jenner formed the Rapture. The Rapture (band)_sentence_20

They were childhood friends from a San Diego suburb who started playing music together, and when Roccoforte moved to San Francisco for college, Jenner followed him and they started playing more, which would lead to forming the Rapture. The Rapture (band)_sentence_21

Roccoforte was an aspiring filmmaker, but became a drummer at Jenner's insistence. The Rapture (band)_sentence_22

According to Jenner in 2018, "In college, he got really good grades and had all of these ambitions to be a filmmaker. The Rapture (band)_sentence_23

I kind of railroaded him into the Rapture. The Rapture (band)_sentence_24

He didn’t really want to be a drummer, but I needed somebody I could trust who was never going to leave my side. The Rapture (band)_sentence_25

And he agreed; it’s not like I forced him into it. The Rapture (band)_sentence_26

I asked him humbly and he accepted." The Rapture (band)_sentence_27

They released a single, "The Chair That Squeaks", on Hymnal Sound that same year. The Rapture (band)_sentence_28

After heavy touring, they released a debut mini-album, Mirror, on Gravity Records in 1999. The Rapture (band)_sentence_29

After having his house burned down by drug dealers, their bass player suggested they move to Seattle because he had better music contacts there. The Rapture (band)_sentence_30

In five months between January and May '99, the band spent more time getting drunk than writing songs, but they did manage to get a record deal from Sub Pop. The Rapture (band)_sentence_31

After releasing Mirror, they decided it would be best to move to New York, where they slept in a van that they had bought with money from the label. The Rapture (band)_sentence_32

It was in New York that bassist and vocalist Mattie Safer, a freshman studying jazz at NYU joined the band. The Rapture (band)_sentence_33

He had met them the previous summer when they were touring through Washington DC. The Rapture (band)_sentence_34

He joined the band in the fall of 1999, prior to the 2001 release of the six-song EP Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks on Sub Pop. The Rapture (band)_sentence_35

The addition of Safer proved to pivotal for the band, according to Jenner. The Rapture (band)_sentence_36

In 2006 he said, "There were five people in the band before Matt in the space of just over a year. The Rapture (band)_sentence_37

He was the first person that was actually good. The Rapture (band)_sentence_38

He was musically way better than us and brought a lot of stability. The Rapture (band)_sentence_39

Listening to him for the first time made me think that I actually had better learn to play my own instrument." The Rapture (band)_sentence_40

Living in New York also made Jenner aware of the possibilities offered by dance music. The Rapture (band)_sentence_41

In 2011 he said, "Coming to NY and going to proper dance music clubs, that was pivotal. The Rapture (band)_sentence_42

I was hearing dance music over a big system and realizing it has the same energy as a hardcore show, the idea that a kick drum can be so powerful, so tough-sounding in a song like 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough' by Michael Jackson on the right system. The Rapture (band)_sentence_43

I think also, just the raw power of dancing, and the kind of communal aspect that could be created, like the same thing that sprouts up around punk rock kids, it could be the same with dance music." The Rapture (band)_sentence_44

"House of Jealous Lovers" and Echoes (2002–06) The Rapture (band)_section_2

See also: House of Jealous Lovers and Echoes (The Rapture album) The Rapture (band)_sentence_45

With the help of the DFA production team, the band released "House of Jealous Lovers" in 2002 and eventually released their first full-length album Echoes. The Rapture (band)_sentence_46

The album secured two Top 40 singles in the UK and also was met with critical acclaim, being awarded Album of the Year by and runner up in NME only to the White Stripes. The Rapture (band)_sentence_47

Multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Andruzzi, who is also Safer's cousin, joined the band full-time after the record was completed to help tour. The Rapture (band)_sentence_48

In the wake of the success of "House of Jealous Lovers", The Rapture opened for the Sex Pistols in a football stadium in England, and underwent a large major bidding war eventually signing with Vertigo Records out of the UK and Strummer Records (a Gary Gersh Label) both owned by Universal Music. The Rapture (band)_sentence_49

In January 2004, the Rapture toured with Franz Ferdinand on the NME Awards Tour. The Rapture (band)_sentence_50

Later that year, the band toured on the main stage of the Curiosa Festival alongside Interpol, Mogwai, and The Cure. The Rapture (band)_sentence_51

The album's main song, "Echoes", was used as opening for the British series Misfits. The Rapture (band)_sentence_52

Pieces of the People We Love (2006–11) The Rapture (band)_section_3

See also: Pieces of the People We Love The Rapture (band)_sentence_53

The Rapture released their second full-length album, Pieces of the People We Love, on Universal Motown Records in September 2006 after Strummer folded. The Rapture (band)_sentence_54

Paul Epworth, Ewan Pearson and Danger Mouse produced the album. The Rapture (band)_sentence_55

Recorded mostly in New York city at Sear Sound (studio of Walter Sear, partner of Bob Moog) but also recorded a few songs in Los Angeles to work with Danger Mouse. The Rapture (band)_sentence_56

The bulk of the recording being handled by Epworth and Pearson. The Rapture (band)_sentence_57

The title track features Cee Lo Green on backing vocals. The Rapture (band)_sentence_58

The Rapture also toured with Daft Punk on the North American leg of their tour in 2007, playing such venues as Red Rocks in Colorado, and the Greek Theatre in Berkeley California. The Rapture (band)_sentence_59

In an interview with Dave Owen of Access All Areas and I Can't Breathe Media, Luke Jenner stated that Justin Timberlake originally sang on the track "No Sex For Ben" that the band recorded for 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV video game soundtrack: "We were recording with Timbaland, 'cause he beatboxes on the track and Justin was upstairs with Duran Duran and he came down and sang [backing vocals] on the track [with Safer on lead vocals], but when we got it back from the label someone had removed JT's vocals." The Rapture (band)_sentence_60

The song was a hit, with Jenner stating in 2011, "That song kept us alive for five years. The Rapture (band)_sentence_61

In the interim we played Australia once a year for five years because that song was a big hit there. The Rapture (band)_sentence_62

Ordinary people know it. The Rapture (band)_sentence_63

Australia is where I lived out all my 14 year-old rock star dreams." The Rapture (band)_sentence_64

In contrast, Vito Roccoforte stated his dissatisfaction with the song by saying, "It just didn’t make any fucking sense to me because it was the total antithesis of what I felt musically I wanted to do or what we should be doing." The Rapture (band)_sentence_65

In 2008, Luke Jenner left the band in the wake of his mother's death and son's birth. The Rapture (band)_sentence_66

After a few months he returned to the band. The Rapture (band)_sentence_67

On July 14, 2009, Gabriel Andruzzi announced via The Rapture's official website that Mattie Safer had left the band in April and added that the remaining members had been working on new material since Safer's departure in their Brooklyn studio. The Rapture (band)_sentence_68

In the days following Safer's departure Dave Owen caught up with Luke Jenner who said that the split was amicable. The Rapture (band)_sentence_69

After leaving The Rapture, Mattie Safer spent a year and a half working on new music, then sending it out to various friends including Paul Epworth, who encouraged Safer to "stop worrying about trying to be cool." The Rapture (band)_sentence_70

Expressing interest in Safer's R&B-influenced music, in 2011 Epworth signed him to the new label he was starting, Wolf Tone. The Rapture (band)_sentence_71

Though Safer managed to record an EP, ultimately he and Wolf Tone decided to part ways, and in 2016 he finally released the EP All We Are. The Rapture (band)_sentence_72

In 2011, Safer also appeared as a guest vocalist on "Someone Just Like You" from House of Beni, the debut album by Australian producer Beni. The Rapture (band)_sentence_73

In August 2011, The Rapture first appeared on the cover of the publication The FADER, in its 75th issue. The Rapture (band)_sentence_74

In the Grace of Your Love and split (2011–14) The Rapture (band)_section_4

See also: In the Grace of Your Love The Rapture (band)_sentence_75

The Rapture released In The Grace of Your Love on DFA Records on September 6, 2011, in the U.S. and September 5 in Europe while Modular released the album in Australia and New Zealand. The Rapture (band)_sentence_76

Phoenix producer/Cassius member Philippe Zdar produced the record, which the Rapture recorded in Brooklyn and Paris. The Rapture (band)_sentence_77

In 2014, Red Bull Music Academy announced Atomic Bomb! The Rapture (band)_sentence_78

The Music of William Onyeabor, a concert in tribute to William Onyeabor led by David Byrne and featuring Jenner as one of the prominent musicians involved. The Rapture (band)_sentence_79

In the press release, Jenner was listed as "ex-The Rapture." The Rapture (band)_sentence_80

Jonathan Galkin, manager of DFA Records, seemingly confirmed that the band had indeed broken up by saying, "I kept thinking it might blow over, but that might not be the case. The Rapture (band)_sentence_81

Feel free to go to press with this headline: 'Did the Rapture Break Up and Not Tell Anyone?'" The Rapture (band)_sentence_82

In late 2014, Jenner asserted that while the band had never released an official statement about breaking up and that Galkin's comments being picked up by the media had led to that assumption, there were issues that needed to be resolved before they could make new music again. The Rapture (band)_sentence_83

He said, "A band is a relationship — it’s a marriage or a close relationship. The Rapture (band)_sentence_84

For me, my relationships with the band is more important than the band. The Rapture (band)_sentence_85

If my relationship with Vito isn’t straight then there’s no point in trying to write and make music together. The Rapture (band)_sentence_86

I can make music on my own, I don’t need to deal with Vito. The Rapture (band)_sentence_87

But if we’re going to make music we’re going to have to talk about some stuff, and that has to come first." The Rapture (band)_sentence_88

After the band announced its reunion in 2019, Andruzzi provided some insight regarding the atmosphere during their last tour prior to their split: The Rapture (band)_sentence_89

Post-split activity (2014–18) The Rapture (band)_section_5

In June 2014, Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel Andruzzi released Moon Temple, their debut EP as Vito & Druzzi. The Rapture (band)_sentence_90

Moon Temple would also become the name of Andruzzi's solo project, which released the two EPs Moon Temple I and Moon Temple II in 2016. The Rapture (band)_sentence_91

Andruzzi and Roccoforte have also collaborated as Mother of Mars, releasing the single "Seed 2 Sky" in 2018. The Rapture (band)_sentence_92

Besides participating in Atomic Bomb! The Rapture (band)_sentence_93

The Music of William Onyeabor, Luke Jenner learned production from Joakim Bouaziz, and was a guest vocalist on the latter's track "Bring Your Love" from the 2014 album Tropics of Love. The Rapture (band)_sentence_94

In 2015, Roccoforte formed Body Music, a duo with DJ and producer Benjamin "Bosq" Woods of Whiskey Barons. The Rapture (band)_sentence_95

They released their debut EP Just One in 2017. The Rapture (band)_sentence_96

In 2017, Jenner reiterated that he was still a member of The Rapture, and that whether or not the band would continue was up to Roccaforte. The Rapture (band)_sentence_97

"I would love to do the Rapture again, at this point it’s just up to Vito. The Rapture (band)_sentence_98

He lives like a block away from here," he said. The Rapture (band)_sentence_99

"I still consider myself in the band. The Rapture (band)_sentence_100

I have songs where I’m like, 'This is a Rapture song.' The Rapture (band)_sentence_101

I could make it for myself, but also it’s a Rapture song. The Rapture (band)_sentence_102

My voice is so specific, it’s really easily identifiable. The Rapture (band)_sentence_103

I’m sorta waiting on a phone call from Vito, saying, 'Okay I’m ready to do stuff.'" The Rapture (band)_sentence_104

That same year, Jenner released the Sunrise EP as Meditation Tunnel, The name Meditation Tunnel comes from a children's toy and was chosen by Jenner for his solo project because Manfredi Romano a.k.a. DJ Tennis, who released the EP, forbade him to use his own name. The Rapture (band)_sentence_105

In 2018, Jenner started the band Seedy Films with three friends whose taste he admired but had never played music before. The Rapture (band)_sentence_106

Explaining the idea behind the band, Jenner said, "I really relate to how Brian Eno was more of a thinker than a musician. The Rapture (band)_sentence_107

I mean, he makes some amazing music, but he has really great ideas. The Rapture (band)_sentence_108

I have this idea that you can teach people techniques, but you can’t teach them taste. The Rapture (band)_sentence_109

I’ve been in so many bands that had questionable taste and it always ends badly. The Rapture (band)_sentence_110

Because saying you don’t like someone’s taste is like saying you don’t like someone’s face. The Rapture (band)_sentence_111

You can’t change your taste, really; you can hone it, but you like what you like. The Rapture (band)_sentence_112

So I had these three people I was already friends with who had really great taste, and I asked them if they wanted to play music. The Rapture (band)_sentence_113

So I started teaching them and we put together this band. The Rapture (band)_sentence_114

Writing songs is the easy part for me, so I taught them how to write songs and I play drums in the band because… why not? The Rapture (band)_sentence_115

I’ve already done everything else. The Rapture (band)_sentence_116

So that’s really fun. The Rapture (band)_sentence_117

In early 2018, Gabriel Andruzzi said, "I’ve talked to Luke recently, but there is nothing specific in the works. The Rapture (band)_sentence_118

Thus I cannot report anything one way or another regarding The Rapture. The Rapture (band)_sentence_119

I remain optimistic, and I must say that I always love playing shows with that band." The Rapture (band)_sentence_120

Roccoforte also started playing shows with Wah Together, a new rock band which also consists of guitarist Steve Schiltz (Longwave, bassist Phil Mossman LCD Soundsystem and vocalist Jaiko Suzuki. The Rapture (band)_sentence_121

On 5 September 2018, Annie Nightingale debuted some of their songs on her BBC Radio 1 show. The Rapture (band)_sentence_122

Roccoforte and Safer also reunited as the rhythm section for the new live format of Poolside. The Rapture (band)_sentence_123

Poolside co-founder Jeffrey Paradise said in a statement, "Vito and Mattie are the backbone and rhythm section from one of my favorite bands ever: The Rapture. The Rapture (band)_sentence_124

They’ve been big influences on my musical career over the years. The Rapture (band)_sentence_125

It’s super inspiring to play together with such great people with amazing musical chemistry. The Rapture (band)_sentence_126

The punch they add to the music is unmistakable.” The Rapture (band)_sentence_127

Reunion (2019–present) The Rapture (band)_section_6

In February 2019, Jenner announced via Facebook that The Rapture would be reuniting. The Rapture (band)_sentence_128

The band's first show back is to be at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 30, followed by an appearance at the Just Like Heaven festival in Long Beach on May 4 alongside Phoenix, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and MGMT. The Rapture (band)_sentence_129

In a statement, Jenner explained the group's reunion after over five years: The Rapture (band)_sentence_130

Both Roccoforte and Andruzzi confirmed their participation in the reunion via social media, as did Harris Klahr who would be resuming bass-playing duties for the band's live shows that he had assumed after Safer's departure. The Rapture (band)_sentence_131

In response to a question on Twitter, Safer confirmed that he was not participating in the reunion. The Rapture (band)_sentence_132

In a subsequent Instagram post, Safer stated that he "would love the opportunity to get up and play those songs again, but I wasn't asked," but that he was "super psyched on [his] new band Safer, new label Cell Laboratories and playing Poolside." The Rapture (band)_sentence_133

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Discography The Rapture (band)_section_8

Main article: The Rapture discography The Rapture (band)_sentence_134

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