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The Ziggens_table_infobox_0

The ZiggensThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_1_0
OriginThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_2_0 Orange County, California, U.S.The Ziggens_cell_0_2_1
GenresThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_3_0 Surf rock, punk, rockabilly, cowpunkThe Ziggens_cell_0_3_1
Years activeThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_4_0 1990–presentThe Ziggens_cell_0_4_1
LabelsThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_5_0 Skunk Records

Cornerstone R.A.S.The Ziggens_cell_0_5_1

Associated actsThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_6_0 Sublime, VolcanoThe Ziggens_cell_0_6_1
MembersThe Ziggens_header_cell_0_8_0 Bert Susanka

Brad Conyers Jon Poutney Dickie LittleThe Ziggens_cell_0_8_1

The Ziggens are an American band based out of Orange County, California, United States, whose self-described style of "cowpunksurfabilly" combines elements of cowpunk, surf, rockabilly, punk, ska, and country. The Ziggens_sentence_0

The Ziggens are led by Bert Susanka who sings and plays rhythm guitar. The Ziggens_sentence_1

Other members include Dickie Little on lead guitar, Jon Poutney on bass, and Brad Conyers who plays the drums and provides background vocals. The Ziggens_sentence_2

The Ziggens have been playing since the early 1990s and have developed a strong following in Southern California. The Ziggens_sentence_3

The Ziggens were contemporaries with Sublime and were originally signed to their Skunk Records label. The Ziggens_sentence_4

Their song "Big Salty Tears" was covered and popularized by Bradley Nowell on the Sublime acoustic album. The Ziggens_sentence_5

The Ziggens, and more specifically Bert Susanka were also mentioned in the Sublime song "Greatest Hits". The Ziggens_sentence_6

Also, their song "Outside" is sampled in the Sublime song "Smoke Two Joints" for the line "Smoked cigarettes 'til the day she died!" The Ziggens_sentence_7

The Ziggens contributed a cover of the song "Paddle Out" to the Sublime tribute album Look at All the Love We Found, released in June 2005. The Ziggens_sentence_8

The Ziggens' bassist Jon Poutney formed the supergroup Volcano with Meat Puppets frontman Curt Kirkwood, Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh, and Sublime soundman Michael 'Miguel' Happoldt after the breakup of Eyes Adrift. The Ziggens_sentence_9

They released one self-titled studio album in 2004. The Ziggens_sentence_10

More recently, Bud Gaugh formed the band Jelly of the Month Club, a children's music side project, with Bert Susanka. The Ziggens_sentence_11

The Ziggens are currently signed to Cornerstone R.A.S., which is a subsidiary of Skunk Records. The Ziggens_sentence_12

Their seventh studio album was due to be released in February 2020. The Ziggens_sentence_13

Discography The Ziggens_section_0

The Ziggens_unordered_list_0

  • C0002 (1990)The Ziggens_item_0_0
  • Wake Up & Smell (1991)The Ziggens_item_0_1
  • Rusty Never Sleeps (1992)The Ziggens_item_0_2
  • Chicken Out! (1995)The Ziggens_item_0_3
  • Pit Stop (1995)The Ziggens_item_0_4
  • Ignore Amos (1996)The Ziggens_item_0_5
  • Pomona Lisa (1998)The Ziggens_item_0_6
  • Three Wise Men... and Dickie (1998)The Ziggens_item_0_7
  • Live: Tickets Still Available (2000)The Ziggens_item_0_8
  • Sleazy Rider (2000)The Ziggens_item_0_9
  • The Ziggens (2002)The Ziggens_item_0_10
  • Greatest Zits: 1990-2003 (2003)The Ziggens_item_0_11

Wake Up & Smell track listing The Ziggens_section_1

The Ziggens_ordered_list_1

  1. "I Got Me a Girlfriend" (3:34)The Ziggens_item_1_12
  2. "Really Bad Sunburn" (3:43)The Ziggens_item_1_13
  3. "Surf's Up" (3:19)The Ziggens_item_1_14
  4. "Furball" (2:37)The Ziggens_item_1_15
  5. "Tim the Dinosaur" (3:37)The Ziggens_item_1_16
  6. "Tidal Wave" (2:39)The Ziggens_item_1_17
  7. "All the Fun That We Missed" (4:59)The Ziggens_item_1_18
  8. "Fat Charlie" (3:30)The Ziggens_item_1_19
  9. "Paper or Plastic" (2:20)The Ziggens_item_1_20
  10. "I'm Not Afraid" (3:04)The Ziggens_item_1_21
  11. "Walk the Plank" (4:02)The Ziggens_item_1_22
  12. "Kickin' With Perry" (3:49)The Ziggens_item_1_23
  13. "Outside!" (2:39)The Ziggens_item_1_24
  14. "Bin Loop Baby (Pt. 1)" (:42)The Ziggens_item_1_25
  15. "Sober Up" (2:09)The Ziggens_item_1_26
  16. "Go Wild at the Beach" (2:43)The Ziggens_item_1_27
  17. "Big Salty Tears" (3:34)The Ziggens_item_1_28
  18. "Mrs. Brown" (2:49)The Ziggens_item_1_29
  19. "Tie One On" (3:59)The Ziggens_item_1_30

Rusty Never Sleeps track listing The Ziggens_section_2

The Ziggens_ordered_list_2

  1. "Ride The Wild Surf"The Ziggens_item_2_31
  2. "Call It Quits"The Ziggens_item_2_32
  3. "Barefoot On Hot Cement"The Ziggens_item_2_33
  4. "On The Way"The Ziggens_item_2_34
  5. "Gilligan"The Ziggens_item_2_35
  6. "Couldn't Get A Date"The Ziggens_item_2_36
  7. "Dandruff"The Ziggens_item_2_37
  8. "When I Die"The Ziggens_item_2_38
  9. "Bin Loop Baby Pt. II"The Ziggens_item_2_39
  10. "Dickie Built A Halfpipe"The Ziggens_item_2_40
  11. "Go Wild At the Beach"The Ziggens_item_2_41
  12. "Buttermilk"The Ziggens_item_2_42
  13. "Ed Gein"The Ziggens_item_2_43
  14. "I'm Tryin'"The Ziggens_item_2_44
  15. "Carry Your Cross"The Ziggens_item_2_45
  16. "Females"The Ziggens_item_2_46
  17. "High School Love"The Ziggens_item_2_47
  18. "I Hit My Head (On The Corner Of A Kitchen Cabinet)"The Ziggens_item_2_48
  19. "Outside"The Ziggens_item_2_49
  20. "Mississippi"The Ziggens_item_2_50
  21. "End Of The Summer"The Ziggens_item_2_51
  22. "The Lottery Song"The Ziggens_item_2_52
  23. "Sue Got The Flu"The Ziggens_item_2_53
  24. "Gravel Song"The Ziggens_item_2_54
  25. "Memphis, Tennessee"The Ziggens_item_2_55
  26. "All The Fun That We Missed"The Ziggens_item_2_56

Chicken Out! track listing The Ziggens_section_3

The Ziggens_ordered_list_3

  1. "Something About a Waitress"The Ziggens_item_3_57
  2. "Goober Got a Girlfriend"The Ziggens_item_3_58
  3. "That Night in Georgia"The Ziggens_item_3_59
  4. "Mystery Lunch"The Ziggens_item_3_60
  5. "It's Great to Be Unemployed"The Ziggens_item_3_61
  6. "Huntington Beach"The Ziggens_item_3_62
  7. "I Hate Girls & Cars & Ice Cold Beer"The Ziggens_item_3_63
  8. "I Am Afraid"The Ziggens_item_3_64
  9. "Heart Attack"The Ziggens_item_3_65
  10. "Burpin' U.S.A."The Ziggens_item_3_66
  11. "Sober Up"The Ziggens_item_3_67
  12. "Mrs. Brown"The Ziggens_item_3_68
  13. "Pizza by the Slice"The Ziggens_item_3_69
  14. "Real Presents"The Ziggens_item_3_70
  15. "Dinah Shore"The Ziggens_item_3_71
  16. "Tent City"The Ziggens_item_3_72
  17. "Tie One On"The Ziggens_item_3_73
  18. "Instant Christmas"The Ziggens_item_3_74
  19. "Hyundai Monday"The Ziggens_item_3_75
  20. "I'm Eatin to Shove my Feelings Down"The Ziggens_item_3_76
  21. "The Cheese in Wisconsin"The Ziggens_item_3_77

The Ziggens_description_list_4

The Ziggens_unordered_list_5

  • Engineered by: Rob PerezThe Ziggens_item_5_78
  • Graphic Design: Darrell Jones, Kevin TaylorThe Ziggens_item_5_79
  • Liner notes: Bert "Ziggen" SusankaThe Ziggens_item_5_80
  • Producer: Rob PerezThe Ziggens_item_5_81
  • Typography: Newport Printing SystemsThe Ziggens_item_5_82
  • Written By: Bert Susanka (tracks: 1-17, 19-20), Brad Conyers (tracks: 2, 18), Rob Perez (track: 2), the Ziggens (track: 21)The Ziggens_item_5_83

Pit Stop track listing The Ziggens_section_4

The Ziggens_description_list_6

The Ziggens_ordered_list_7

  1. "Intro"The Ziggens_item_7_84
  2. "Hot Summer Ziggens"The Ziggens_item_7_85
  3. "Paper Or Plastic"The Ziggens_item_7_86
  4. "Sessions"The Ziggens_item_7_87
  5. "I'm Tryin'"The Ziggens_item_7_88
  6. "Mark & Brian"The Ziggens_item_7_89
  7. "Channel Surfin'"The Ziggens_item_7_90
  8. "Females"The Ziggens_item_7_91
  9. "Couldn't Get A Date"The Ziggens_item_7_92
  10. "King Jesus"The Ziggens_item_7_93
  11. "Big H"The Ziggens_item_7_94
  12. "Walk The Plank"The Ziggens_item_7_95
  13. "Radio Free number 1"The Ziggens_item_7_96
  14. "Waitress"The Ziggens_item_7_97
  15. "Rush Sucks"The Ziggens_item_7_98
  16. "Mrs. Brown"The Ziggens_item_7_99
  17. "Make Our Right"The Ziggens_item_7_100
  18. "Blossom"The Ziggens_item_7_101
  19. "Call It Quits"The Ziggens_item_7_102
  20. "Outside"The Ziggens_item_7_103
  21. "Girlfriend"The Ziggens_item_7_104

The Ziggens_description_list_8

The Ziggens_ordered_list_9

  1. "Psychotronic"The Ziggens_item_9_105
  2. "2001"The Ziggens_item_9_106
  3. "Big H&Z"The Ziggens_item_9_107
  4. "Blossom in F.U."The Ziggens_item_9_108
  5. "When I Die"The Ziggens_item_9_109
  6. "Ed Gein"The Ziggens_item_9_110
  7. "Stardust"The Ziggens_item_9_111
  8. "Dickie Built A Halfpipe"The Ziggens_item_9_112
  9. "Big Big Big H"The Ziggens_item_9_113
  10. "Postage Stamps"The Ziggens_item_9_114
  11. "Mississippi"The Ziggens_item_9_115
  12. "Mississippi (Different)"The Ziggens_item_9_116
  13. "Furball"The Ziggens_item_9_117
  14. "Lottery"The Ziggens_item_9_118
  15. "Petz Pitch"The Ziggens_item_9_119
  16. "Radio Free number 2 (with Sublime)"The Ziggens_item_9_120
  17. "Fat Charlie"The Ziggens_item_9_121
  18. "Tim The Dinosaur"The Ziggens_item_9_122
  19. "Homeboyz"The Ziggens_item_9_123
  20. "Goober Got A Girlfriend"The Ziggens_item_9_124
  21. "TNG"The Ziggens_item_9_125
  22. "Rusty Never Sleeps Ad"The Ziggens_item_9_126

Ignore Amos track listing The Ziggens_section_5

The Ziggens_ordered_list_10

  1. "Domestic Violins"The Ziggens_item_10_127
  2. "Have a Bitchin' Summer"The Ziggens_item_10_128
  3. "Junipero Serra"The Ziggens_item_10_129
  4. "Channel Surfing"The Ziggens_item_10_130
  5. "My Paycheck Bounced"The Ziggens_item_10_131
  6. "Orange Co."The Ziggens_item_10_132
  7. "Really Bad Sunburn"The Ziggens_item_10_133
  8. "She Shrunk on Her B-Day"The Ziggens_item_10_134
  9. "Big Salty Tears"The Ziggens_item_10_135
  10. "Psychiatric Evaluation"The Ziggens_item_10_136
  11. "Sea Kelp"The Ziggens_item_10_137
  12. "San Clemente"The Ziggens_item_10_138
  13. "Surfungus"The Ziggens_item_10_139
  14. "I Love a Parade"The Ziggens_item_10_140
  15. "Wait One Minute"The Ziggens_item_10_141
  16. "Barefoot on Hot Cement"The Ziggens_item_10_142

The Ziggens_description_list_11

The Ziggens_unordered_list_12

  • Producer: Rob Perez (tracks: 1-17)The Ziggens_item_12_143
  • Written by: B. Susanka (tracks: 1-5, 7-15), B. Conyers (tracks: 6, 16), the Ziggens (track: 15)The Ziggens_item_12_144

The Ziggens_description_list_13

Writing credits are indicated on back cover by a silver and red sticker covering a misprint. The Ziggens_sentence_14

Track 15 is indicated as 4:04 on the back cover, but is 10:29 on the disc. The Ziggens_sentence_15

Track 16 is indicated as 1:52 but is 5:23. The Ziggens_sentence_16

CD spine contains two small beads: one red, one clear. The Ziggens_sentence_17

Pomona Lisa track listing The Ziggens_section_6

The Ziggens_ordered_list_14

  1. "Surfin' Buena Park"The Ziggens_item_14_145
  2. "The Waitress Song"The Ziggens_item_14_146
  3. "Joseph of Arimathea"The Ziggens_item_14_147
  4. "I Took My Mom To The Prom"The Ziggens_item_14_148
  5. "Surfin' You Say"The Ziggens_item_14_149
  6. "I'm Tryin'"The Ziggens_item_14_150
  7. "On The Way"The Ziggens_item_14_151
  8. "Can't We All Just Get A Longboard?"The Ziggens_item_14_152
  9. "What To Do"The Ziggens_item_14_153
  10. "Goin Richter"The Ziggens_item_14_154
  11. "Fat Charlie"The Ziggens_item_14_155
  12. "Surf 3"The Ziggens_item_14_156
  13. "Strange Way To Live"The Ziggens_item_14_157
  14. "Stranded On Clicker Island"The Ziggens_item_14_158
  15. "Pony Up"The Ziggens_item_14_159
  16. "Hang On"The Ziggens_item_14_160
  17. "Asleep At The Wheel"The Ziggens_item_14_161
  18. "Ride The Wild Surf"The Ziggens_item_14_162
  19. "The Spy Who Dubbed Me"The Ziggens_item_14_163

Live: Tickets Still Available track listing The Ziggens_section_7

The Ziggens_ordered_list_15

  1. "Goin' Richter"The Ziggens_item_15_164
  2. "Breakin' The Law"The Ziggens_item_15_165
  3. "Big Salty Tears"The Ziggens_item_15_166
  4. "Surfungus"The Ziggens_item_15_167
  5. "Fat Charlie"The Ziggens_item_15_168
  6. "Sea Kelp"The Ziggens_item_15_169
  7. "Call It Quits"The Ziggens_item_15_170
  8. "Waitress/Outside"The Ziggens_item_15_171
  9. "Strange Way To Live"The Ziggens_item_15_172
  10. "Junipero Serra"The Ziggens_item_15_173
  11. "Tim The Dinosaur"The Ziggens_item_15_174
  12. "Dinah Shore"The Ziggens_item_15_175
  13. "Dickie Built A Halfpipe"The Ziggens_item_15_176

The Ziggens track listing The Ziggens_section_8

The Ziggens_ordered_list_16

  1. "Debutante" (3:17)The Ziggens_item_16_177
  2. "I'm Gonna Miss You" (4:40)The Ziggens_item_16_178
  3. "Just the Way You Aren't" (3:01)The Ziggens_item_16_179
  4. "Pistol Pete" (5:38)The Ziggens_item_16_180
  5. "Rincon" (6:00)The Ziggens_item_16_181
  6. "I Get Yelled at A Lot" (4:28)The Ziggens_item_16_182
  7. "Plastic Surgery" (1:01)The Ziggens_item_16_183
  8. "See You Now" (4:37)The Ziggens_item_16_184
  9. "Man With the Pushed in Face" (4:02)The Ziggens_item_16_185
  10. "That Kinda Man" (4:23)The Ziggens_item_16_186
  11. "I Fought the Lawn" (3:12)The Ziggens_item_16_187
  12. "Temptation" (2:55)The Ziggens_item_16_188
  13. "Not So Much" (5:41)The Ziggens_item_16_189
  14. "Beat to Pieces" (3:49)The Ziggens_item_16_190

Greatest Zits track listing The Ziggens_section_9

The Ziggens_description_list_17

The Ziggens_ordered_list_18

  1. "I Took My Mom to the Prom" (1:37)The Ziggens_item_18_191
  2. "It's Great to Be Unemployed" (2:31)The Ziggens_item_18_192
  3. "Pistol Pete" (5:35)The Ziggens_item_18_193
  4. "On the Way" (4:04)The Ziggens_item_18_194
  5. "My Paycheck Bounced" (3:00)The Ziggens_item_18_195
  6. "Breakin' the Law" (2:29)The Ziggens_item_18_196
  7. "Tim The Dinosaur" (3:39)The Ziggens_item_18_197
  8. "Outside" (2:49)The Ziggens_item_18_198
  9. "Big Salty Tears" (3:44)The Ziggens_item_18_199
  10. "Fat Charlie" (3:31)The Ziggens_item_18_200
  11. "Strange Way to Live" (4:10)The Ziggens_item_18_201
  12. "I'm Tryin'" (2:09)The Ziggens_item_18_202
  13. "Call It Quits" (3:48)The Ziggens_item_18_203
  14. "Something About a Waitress" (2:13)The Ziggens_item_18_204
  15. "Gilligan" (3:41)The Ziggens_item_18_205
  16. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (3:24)The Ziggens_item_18_206
  17. "(Untitled Hidden Track)" (2:02)The Ziggens_item_18_207

The Ziggens_description_list_19

The Ziggens_ordered_list_20

  1. "Surfin, You Say?" (3:16)The Ziggens_item_20_208
  2. "I Fought the Lawn" (3:09)The Ziggens_item_20_209
  3. "I Don't Have One" (3:57)The Ziggens_item_20_210
  4. "Goin' Richter" (4:34)The Ziggens_item_20_211
  5. "Stranded on Clicker Island" (3:35)The Ziggens_item_20_212
  6. "61.9" (3:12)The Ziggens_item_20_213
  7. "Surf's Up" (3:19)The Ziggens_item_20_214
  8. "Surfin' Buena Park (Demo Version)" (3:50)The Ziggens_item_20_215
  9. "On & On" (3:03)The Ziggens_item_20_216
  10. "Rincon" (5:54)The Ziggens_item_20_217
  11. "Sea Kelp" (4:05)The Ziggens_item_20_218
  12. "Really Bad Sunburn" (3:50)The Ziggens_item_20_219
  13. "San Clemente" (5:13)The Ziggens_item_20_220
  14. "Burpin' USA" (2:02)The Ziggens_item_20_221

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