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This article is about the NBA player. Nate Archibald_sentence_0

For the college player, see Nathaniel Archibald (basketball, born 1952). Nate Archibald_sentence_1

For the fictional TV character, see Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl). Nate Archibald_sentence_2

Nate Archibald_table_infobox_0

Nate ArchibaldNate Archibald_table_caption_0
Personal informationNate Archibald_header_cell_0_0_0
BornNate Archibald_header_cell_0_1_0 (1948-09-02) September 2, 1948 (age 72)

New York City, New YorkNate Archibald_cell_0_1_1

NationalityNate Archibald_header_cell_0_2_0 AmericanNate Archibald_cell_0_2_1
Listed heightNate Archibald_header_cell_0_3_0 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)Nate Archibald_cell_0_3_1
Listed weightNate Archibald_header_cell_0_4_0 150 lb (68 kg)Nate Archibald_cell_0_4_1
Career informationNate Archibald_header_cell_0_5_0
High schoolNate Archibald_header_cell_0_6_0 DeWitt Clinton

(The Bronx, New York)Nate Archibald_cell_0_6_1

CollegeNate Archibald_header_cell_0_7_0 Nate Archibald_cell_0_7_1
NBA draftNate Archibald_header_cell_0_8_0 1970 / Round: 2 / Pick: 19th overallNate Archibald_cell_0_8_1
Playing careerNate Archibald_header_cell_0_9_0 1970–1984Nate Archibald_cell_0_9_1
PositionNate Archibald_header_cell_0_10_0 Point guardNate Archibald_cell_0_10_1
NumberNate Archibald_header_cell_0_11_0 10, 1, 7Nate Archibald_cell_0_11_1
Career historyNate Archibald_header_cell_0_12_0
19701976Nate Archibald_header_cell_0_13_0 Cincinnati Royals / Kansas City-Omaha Kings / Kansas City KingsNate Archibald_cell_0_13_1
1976–1977Nate Archibald_header_cell_0_14_0 New York NetsNate Archibald_cell_0_14_1
19771978Nate Archibald_header_cell_0_15_0 Buffalo BravesNate Archibald_cell_0_15_1
19781983Nate Archibald_header_cell_0_16_0 Boston CelticsNate Archibald_cell_0_16_1
1983–1984Nate Archibald_header_cell_0_17_0 Milwaukee BucksNate Archibald_cell_0_17_1
Career highlights and awardsNate Archibald_header_cell_0_19_0
Career statisticsNate Archibald_header_cell_0_21_0
PointsNate Archibald_header_cell_0_22_0 16,481 (18.8 ppg)Nate Archibald_cell_0_22_1
AssistsNate Archibald_header_cell_0_23_0 6,476 (7.4 apg)Nate Archibald_cell_0_23_1
ReboundsNate Archibald_header_cell_0_24_0 2,046 (2.3 rpg)Nate Archibald_cell_0_24_1

Nathaniel "Tiny" Archibald (born September 2, 1948) is an American retired professional basketball player. Nate Archibald_sentence_3

He spent 14 years playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA), most notably with the Cincinnati Royals, Kansas City–Omaha Kings and Boston Celtics. Nate Archibald_sentence_4

In 1991, he was enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Nate Archibald_sentence_5

Archibald was a willing passer and an adequate shooter from midrange. Nate Archibald_sentence_6

However, it was his quickness and speed and shiftiness that made him difficult to guard in the open court, as he would regularly drive past defenders on his way to the basket. Nate Archibald_sentence_7

High school and college career Nate Archibald_section_0

Archibald, a playground legend while growing up in a rough-and-tumble neighborhood in the South Bronx borough of New York City, played high school basketball for only one-and-a-half seasons, and was cut from the varsity squad at DeWitt Clinton High School as a sophomore. Nate Archibald_sentence_8

He returned to the team as a junior. Nate Archibald_sentence_9

During his time without basketball, Archibald briefly flirted with dropping out of school after having been largely truant in past years. Nate Archibald_sentence_10

But with the help of two mentors, Floyd Layne and Pablo Robertson, Archibald turned it around. Nate Archibald_sentence_11

Robertson, a former standout at Loyola of Chicago and a Harlem, New York playground impresario, had seen the gifted, mercurial Archibald in action on the playgrounds and convinced the young man's high school coach to re-instate him on the squad. Nate Archibald_sentence_12

Despite playing only in blowouts as a junior, the shy, quiet teen managed to blossom into a high-school star, being named team captain and an All-City selection in 1966. Nate Archibald_sentence_13

Off the court, Archibald began to attend school regularly and worked to improve his poor academic standing, which deterred most colleges from offering him a scholarship. Nate Archibald_sentence_14

To improve his chances of playing major college basketball, Archibald enrolled at Arizona Western College, transferring to the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) the following year. Nate Archibald_sentence_15

He had three standout seasons at El Paso, from 1967 to 1970 under Hall of Fame coach Don Haskins. Nate Archibald_sentence_16

Professional career Nate Archibald_section_1

Cincinnati Royals/Kansas City Kings Nate Archibald_section_2

Archibald was selected in the second round of the 1970 NBA draft (19th pick) by the Cincinnati Royals. Nate Archibald_sentence_17

He was also drafted by the Texas Chaparrals of the American Basketball Association. Nate Archibald_sentence_18

In his NBA debut, Archibald recorded 17 points and 7 assists in a 128-104 loss to the New York Knicks. Nate Archibald_sentence_19

On November 18, 1972, Archibald recorded 51 points and 14 assists in a 127-117 win over the Houston Rockets. Nate Archibald_sentence_20

In 1972–73 season, Archibald led the NBA in scoring and assists, becoming the only player to win the titles in both categories in the same season. Nate Archibald_sentence_21

(In the 1967–68 season, Oscar Robertson led the NBA in points and assists per game but did not win the titles because they were based on totals rather than averages at the time.) Nate Archibald_sentence_22

His scoring average of 34.0 points per game broke the NBA record for a guard and, as of 2020, is still a record for point guards. Nate Archibald_sentence_23

His 910 assists that season (11.4 assists per game) was also an NBA record at the time, breaking Guy Rodgers' mark of 908. Nate Archibald_sentence_24

He was named the Sporting News NBA MVP that season. Nate Archibald_sentence_25

Archibald played for the Kansas City Kings from 1970 to 1976. Nate Archibald_sentence_26

New York Nets Nate Archibald_section_3

Although he was the Kings' most popular player, he was traded to the New York Nets for two draft picks and two players in 1976. Nate Archibald_sentence_27

Buffalo Braves Nate Archibald_section_4

Injured for much of the 1976–77 season, he was traded by the Nets to the Buffalo Braves before the 1977–78 season. Nate Archibald_sentence_28

Archibald tore his achilles tendon and never played a regular-season game for the Braves. Nate Archibald_sentence_29

Boston Celtics Nate Archibald_section_5

Buffalo traded him to the Boston Celtics as part of a 7-player deal before the start of the next season. Nate Archibald_sentence_30

His career at the Celtics started poorly. Nate Archibald_sentence_31

He showed up 20 pounds overweight. Nate Archibald_sentence_32

However, he adjusted and helped guide the Celtics to the best record in the NBA for three consecutive years (1979–1982). Nate Archibald_sentence_33

Archibald won his first and only NBA championship with the Boston Celtics in the 1980–81 season alongside young NBA star Larry Bird. Nate Archibald_sentence_34

In Game 6 of the 1981 NBA Finals, Archibald recorded 13 points and 12 assists as the Celtics closed out the series against the Houston Rockets. Nate Archibald_sentence_35

Statistics Nate Archibald_section_6

Archibald was an All-NBA First Team selection three times (1973, 1975, 1976) and an All-NBA Second Team selection two times (1972, 1981). Nate Archibald_sentence_36

A seven-time NBA All-Star Game selection (1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981, and 1982), he was named the 1981 NBA All-Star Game MVP. Nate Archibald_sentence_37

Archibald led the NBA in free throws made three times and free throw attempts twice. Nate Archibald_sentence_38

He competed in 876 professional games, scored 16,841 points (18.8 points per game), and dished out 6,476 assists. Nate Archibald_sentence_39

He was named to the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time team. Nate Archibald_sentence_40

Nate Archibald was inducted to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991. Nate Archibald_sentence_41

Post-NBA Nate Archibald_section_7

He completed his bachelor's degree from University of Texas-El Paso by going back for three consecutive summers just prior to finishing his NBA career. Nate Archibald_sentence_42

He then taught in the New York City school system and attended night school at Fordham University. Nate Archibald_sentence_43

He received a master's degree from Fordham University in 1990 and a professional diploma in supervision and administration in 1994. Nate Archibald_sentence_44

He began long-distance correspondence work toward a doctorate from California Coast University in 2000 but ceased his studies because of "his lack of funds and the motivation to complete a long-distance correspondence curriculum." Nate Archibald_sentence_45

He has stated his hope to complete the degree in the future at Fordham. Nate Archibald_sentence_46

Archibald was an assistant coach, spending one season in the University of Georgia and two with Texas-El Paso (where he worked with Tim Hardaway). Nate Archibald_sentence_47

He has also coached the New Jersey Jammers of the USBL and in a Boston recreational league. Nate Archibald_sentence_48

Archibald coached in the National Basketball Development League in 2001. Nate Archibald_sentence_49

He resigned a year later to take a position with the NBA's community relations department. Nate Archibald_sentence_50

Archibald was also named the head coach for the Long Beach Jam in 2004 in the revived ABA, but he would ultimately resign from his position on January 17, 2005 during their second and final season in the ABA. Nate Archibald_sentence_51

NBA career statistics Nate Archibald_section_8

Regular season Nate Archibald_section_9

Nate Archibald_table_general_1

YearNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_0 TeamNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_1 GPNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_2 GSNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_3 MPGNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_4 FG%Nate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_5 3P%Nate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_6 FT%Nate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_7 RPGNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_8 APGNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_9 SPGNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_10 BPGNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_11 PPGNate Archibald_header_cell_1_0_12
1970–71Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_0 CincinnatiNate Archibald_cell_1_1_1 82Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_3 35.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_4 .444Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_6 .757Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_7 3.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_8 5.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_9 Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_10 Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_11 16.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_1_12
1971–72Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_0 CincinnatiNate Archibald_cell_1_2_1 76Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_3 43.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_4 .486Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_6 .822Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_7 2.9Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_8 9.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_9 Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_10 Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_11 28.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_2_12
1972–73Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_0 Kansas City–OmahaNate Archibald_cell_1_3_1 80Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_3 46.0*Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_4 .488Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_6 .847Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_7 2.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_8 11.4*Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_9 Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_10 Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_11 34.0*Nate Archibald_cell_1_3_12
1973–74Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_0 Kansas City–OmahaNate Archibald_cell_1_4_1 35Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_3 36.3Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_4 .451Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_6 .820Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_7 2.4Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_8 7.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_9 1.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_10 0.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_11 17.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_4_12
1974–75Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_0 Kansas City–OmahaNate Archibald_cell_1_5_1 82Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_3 39.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_4 .456Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_6 .872Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_7 2.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_8 6.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_9 1.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_10 0.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_11 26.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_5_12
1975–76Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_0 Kansas CityNate Archibald_cell_1_6_1 78Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_3 40.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_4 .453Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_6 .802Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_7 2.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_8 7.9Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_9 1.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_10 0.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_11 24.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_6_12
1976–77Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_0 New YorkNate Archibald_cell_1_7_1 34Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_3 37.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_4 .446Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_6 .785Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_7 2.4Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_8 7.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_9 1.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_10 0.3Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_11 20.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_7_12
1978–79Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_1_8_1 69Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_2 Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_3 24.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_4 .452Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_6 .788Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_7 1.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_8 4.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_9 0.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_10 0.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_11 11.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_8_12
1979–80Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_1_9_1 80Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_2 80Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_3 35.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_4 .482Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_5 .222Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_6 .830Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_7 2.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_8 8.4Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_9 1.3Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_10 0.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_11 14.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_9_12
1980–81Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_1_10_1 80Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_2 72Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_3 35.3Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_4 .499Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_5 .000Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_6 .816Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_7 2.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_8 7.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_9 0.9Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_10 0.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_11 13.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_10_12
1981–82Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_1_11_1 68Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_2 51Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_3 31.9Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_4 .472Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_5 .375Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_6 .747Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_7 1.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_8 8.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_9 0.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_10 0.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_11 12.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_11_12
1982–83Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_1_12_1 66Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_2 19Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_3 27.4Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_4 .425Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_5 .208Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_6 .743Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_7 1.4Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_8 6.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_9 0.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_10 0.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_11 10.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_12_12
1983–84Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_0 MilwaukeeNate Archibald_cell_1_13_1 46Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_2 46Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_3 22.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_4 .487Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_5 .222Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_6 .634Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_7 1.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_8 3.5Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_9 0.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_10 0.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_11 7.4Nate Archibald_cell_1_13_12
CareerNate Archibald_cell_1_14_0 876Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_2 268Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_3 35.6Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_4 .467Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_5 .224Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_6 .810Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_7 2.3Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_8 7.4Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_9 1.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_10 0.1Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_11 18.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_14_12
All-StarNate Archibald_cell_1_15_0 6Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_2 4Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_3 27.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_4 .450Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_5 Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_6 .833Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_7 3.0Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_8 6.7Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_9 1.8Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_10 0.2Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_11 12.3Nate Archibald_cell_1_15_12

Playoffs Nate Archibald_section_10

Nate Archibald_table_general_2

YearNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_0 TeamNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_1 GPNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_2 GSNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_3 MPGNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_4 FG%Nate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_5 3P%Nate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_6 FT%Nate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_7 RPGNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_8 APGNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_9 SPGNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_10 BPGNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_11 PPGNate Archibald_header_cell_2_0_12
1975Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_0 Kansas City–OmahaNate Archibald_cell_2_1_1 6Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_2 Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_3 40.3Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_4 .364Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_5 Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_6 .814Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_7 1.8Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_8 5.3Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_9 0.7Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_10 0.0Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_11 20.2Nate Archibald_cell_2_1_12
1980Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_2_2_1 9Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_2 Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_3 36.9Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_4 .506Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_5 .500Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_6 .881Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_7 1.2Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_8 7.9Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_9 1.1Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_10 0.0Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_11 14.2Nate Archibald_cell_2_2_12
1981Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_2_3_1 17Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_2 Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_3 37.1Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_4 .450Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_5 .000Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_6 .809Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_7 1.6Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_8 6.3Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_9 0.8Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_10 0.0Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_11 15.6Nate Archibald_cell_2_3_12
1982Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_2_4_1 8Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_2 Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_3 34.6Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_4 .429Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_5 .000Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_6 .893Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_7 2.1Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_8 6.5Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_9 0.6Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_10 0.3Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_11 10.6Nate Archibald_cell_2_4_12
1983Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_0 BostonNate Archibald_cell_2_5_1 7Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_2 Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_3 23.0Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_4 .324Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_5 .167Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_6 .759Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_7 1.4Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_8 6.3Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_9 0.3Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_10 0.0Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_11 9.6Nate Archibald_cell_2_5_12
CareerNate Archibald_cell_2_6_0 47Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_2 Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_3 34.9Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_4 .423Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_5 .118Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_6 .826Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_7 1.6Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_8 6.5Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_9 0.7Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_10 0.0Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_11 14.2Nate Archibald_cell_2_6_12

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