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Tokyo Debut is a live album by saxophonist Art Pepper recorded in Japan in 1977 by TBS Radio and originally released on the Japanese Polydor label in 1990 as First Live in Japan before being rereleased on the Galaxy label in 1995. Tokyo Debut_sentence_0

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The AllMusic review by Scott Yanow noted "The unexpected enthusiasm of the crowd really got to Pepper and his improvisations (even though he is not playing with his regular group) are quite inspired. Tokyo Debut_sentence_1

Memorable music". Tokyo Debut_sentence_2

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All compositions by Art Pepper except where noted. Tokyo Debut_sentence_3

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  1. Introduction - 2:23Tokyo Debut_item_0_0
  2. "Cherokee" (Ray Noble) - 12:03Tokyo Debut_item_0_1
  3. "The Spirit Is Here" - 8:58Tokyo Debut_item_0_2
  4. "Here's That Rainy Day" (Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke) - 6:47Tokyo Debut_item_0_3
  5. "Straight Life" - 6:27Tokyo Debut_item_0_4
  6. "Manteca" (Dizzy Gillespie, Chano Pozo, Gil Fuller) - 12:59Tokyo Debut_item_0_5
  7. "Manhã de Carnaval" (Luiz Bonfá, Antônio Maria) - 7:49Tokyo Debut_item_0_6
  8. "Samba de Orpheus" (Luiz Bonfa) mistitled as Felicidade on CD and incomplete - 3:00Tokyo Debut_item_0_7

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