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For other people named Tom Daley, see Tom Daley (disambiguation). Tom Daley_sentence_0

Thomas Robert Daley (born 21 May 1994) is an English diver, television personality and YouTube vlogger. Tom Daley_sentence_1

He specialises in the 10-metre platform event and is a double World champion in the event; he won the 2009 FINA World Championship in the individual event at the age of 15, before regaining it in 2017. Tom Daley_sentence_2

Daley was the 2012 Olympic bronze medallist in the event. Tom Daley_sentence_3

Daley also competes in synchronised and team events. Tom Daley_sentence_4

In 2015, he partnered with Rebecca Gallantree to the inaugural mixed team World title, while in 2016 he won a second Olympic bronze in the men's synchronised 10-metre platform, with Daniel Goodfellow. Tom Daley_sentence_5

In 2017, he won World silver with Grace Reid in the mixed 3-metre springboard synchronised event. Tom Daley_sentence_6

He started diving at the age of seven and is a member of Plymouth Diving Club, where his talent was identified early, and made an impact in national and international competitions from age 9. Tom Daley_sentence_7

He represented Great Britain at the 2008 Summer Olympics where he was Britain's youngest competitor, age 14, and the youngest from any nation to participate in a final. Tom Daley_sentence_8

In 2009, Daley reached a career-best ranking of number one in the FINA World Aquatics Championships Diving Rankings for the 10m platform. Tom Daley_sentence_9

He won two gold medals for England at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, in the 10m synchro diving (with Max Brick) and the 10m Individual Platform competition, and won the bronze medal for Great Britain in the individual competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Tom Daley_sentence_10

After the 2012 Summer Olympics and a summer of great sporting interest amongst the public in the UK, television network ITV approached Daley to have a role in their new celebrity diving reality TV show Splash! Tom Daley_sentence_11

Daley made his debut in the show's premiere on 5 January 2013 as a mentor to the celebrity competitors taking part. Tom Daley_sentence_12

At the 2016 Summer Olympics, Daley and Daniel Goodfellow won a bronze medal in the synchronised 10m platform. Tom Daley_sentence_13

Daley also set an Olympic record score in the individual 10m platform during the first qualification round, but struggled with entries in the semi-final and did not qualify to the final. Tom Daley_sentence_14

Early life Tom Daley_section_0

Daley was born in Plymouth, Devon, England, the son of Debbie (née Selvester) and Robert Daley. Tom Daley_sentence_15

He has two brothers – William who is three years younger, and Ben who is five years younger. Tom Daley_sentence_16

Their father, Robert, died from a brain tumour on 27 May 2011, aged 40, just a few days after Daley's 17th birthday.His early diving hero was Canadian diver Alexandre Despatie, who won gold at the 1998 Commonwealth Games at the age of 13, and British diver Leon Taylor, who later mentored him. Tom Daley_sentence_17

Daley was spotted by a coach, taking part in regular diving lessons, and was placed in a competitive squad in September 2002. Tom Daley_sentence_18

His first competition was the National Novice Championships in April 2003 where he won a medal in the 8/9-year-old boys category. Tom Daley_sentence_19

In September 2003, he took part in an invitational event in Southampton where he won the 1 m, 3 m and platform events, and first made his mark on the wider audience. Tom Daley_sentence_20

Daley won his age group at the British Championships in the 1 m springboard, the 3 m springboard, and platform in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Tom Daley_sentence_21

In June 2004, the month after his tenth birthday, he won the platform competition in the National Junior (under-18) group, making him the youngest winner of that event. Tom Daley_sentence_22

In 2005 Daley competed as a guest competitor in the Australian Elite Junior Nationals and placed first in platform and second in 3 m springboard in the 14–15 event. Tom Daley_sentence_23

He also competed in the 14–15 category at the 2005 Aachen Junior International, placing second in platform and third in 3 m springboard. Tom Daley_sentence_24

He met the qualification standard for the 2006 Commonwealth Games, but was not selected for the England team because of his age. Tom Daley_sentence_25

In 2006, he was the under-18 British champion in platform and 3m springboard, and he placed second in the 10 m platform at the 2007 senior British Championships, which were held in December 2006. Tom Daley_sentence_26

Education Tom Daley_section_1

From age 11 to 14 Daley attended Eggbuckland Community College. Tom Daley_sentence_27

At 13 he became a celebrity supporter of Childline, a children's helpline run by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), and at that time it was revealed that he had been bullied eighteen months earlier. Tom Daley_sentence_28

In April 2009, Daley alleged to Plymouth's main local newspaper The Herald that he had been bullied at school since the Olympics, and his father told the BBC that he had temporarily withdrawn him from that school because its response to the problem had been ineffective. Tom Daley_sentence_29

Daley was praised in the media for speaking out about his problem. Tom Daley_sentence_30

Daley was offered a full scholarship to board at independent school Brighton College, but his father turned this down due to the distance from home, and entered negotiations with local independent school Plymouth College, which had offered him a "very significant scholarship". Tom Daley_sentence_31

A few weeks later it was confirmed that Daley had enrolled at Plymouth College. Tom Daley_sentence_32

Daley took his GCSEs in small batches to fit around his diving commitments. Tom Daley_sentence_33

He persuaded supermodel Kate Moss to pose for a recreation of an original portrait by David Hockney, as part of a GCSE photography project recreating great works of art, after meeting her on a photo shoot for the Italian version of Vogue. Tom Daley_sentence_34

Daley obtained eight A* grades and one A in his GCSEs. Tom Daley_sentence_35

In 2012, Daley finished his two-year A-level studies in mathematics, Spanish and photography. Tom Daley_sentence_36

Daley decided not to undertake an International Baccalaureate course because of the pressures he faced in his preparation for the 2012 Olympics. Tom Daley_sentence_37

He received an A* in his Photography A-level, and an A in his Spanish and Maths A-levels. Tom Daley_sentence_38

International competitions Tom Daley_section_2

2007 Tom Daley_section_3

In January 2007, at the age of twelve, Daley was given a special dispensation to compete at the 2007 Australian Youth Olympic Festival. Tom Daley_sentence_39

The usual minimum age is fifteen. Tom Daley_sentence_40

Competing with a persistent thumb injury, Daley won the silver medal with synchro-partner Callum Johnstone in the 10m synchronised-diving final. Tom Daley_sentence_41

Later in 2007, he won the senior platform title at the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) National Championships, the national championship for English divers. Tom Daley_sentence_42

In 2007 he also began to compete on International Swimming Federation's (FINA) international diving circuit of Grand Prix and World Series events, twice finishing fourth in individual competition. Tom Daley_sentence_43

2008 Tom Daley_section_4

In January 2008, Daley won the 10m platform event at the British Championships and become the youngest winner of the senior British 10 m title. Tom Daley_sentence_44

He also won the 10 m platform synchro title with new partner Blake Aldridge. Tom Daley_sentence_45

Two weeks later, Daley won his first medals on the FINA circuit, winning a bronze in the individual platform competition and a silver in synchro at the Madrid Grand Prix. Tom Daley_sentence_46

Daley and Aldridge won bronze in synchro at the 2008 FINA Diving World Cup. Tom Daley_sentence_47

Their score was a British record and Daley became the youngest ever male medallist in a world diving event. Tom Daley_sentence_48

Daley came seventh in the individual competition. Tom Daley_sentence_49

In March 2008, Daley became the youngest person to win a gold medal at the European Championships, held in Eindhoven. Tom Daley_sentence_50

The previous youngest winner was the Scottish swimmer Ian Black, who won a European gold in 1958 at the age of 17. Tom Daley_sentence_51

Daley qualified for the Beijing 2008 Olympics in the individual 10m dive competition and, following the retirement of 2004 silver medallist Leon Taylor, in the 10m platform synchro competition. Tom Daley_sentence_52

Some in the British media reported that in competing he would become the youngest-ever male British Olympian, until it was ascertained that Ken Lester, cox to the rowing pair at the 1960 Summer Olympics, had been 13 years and 144 days old at the time. Tom Daley_sentence_53

In the Olympic synchronised 10m platform competition, they placed eighth, while in the individual 10m platform competition he finished seventh. Tom Daley_sentence_54

A month after his appearance at the Olympics, Daley participated in the FINA Junior World Championships for the first time (being too young to enter before). Tom Daley_sentence_55

He finished second in the category "B" platform competition (for 14- and 15-year-old boys) with 549.60 points, between China's Qiu Bo (551.85 points) and Wu Dongliang (474.00 points). Tom Daley_sentence_56

He came second in the 3-metre springboard competition in the same category with 485.25 points, sandwiched between the two Chinese divers, Wu Dongliang (510.25 points) and Wang Peng (470.40 points). Tom Daley_sentence_57

Daley won the 2007 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Young Personality award. Tom Daley_sentence_58

He was considered a medal prospect for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London from this time, and was one of the British Olympians being tracked through the years leading up to London 2012 by the BBC television series Olympic Dreams. Tom Daley_sentence_59

2009 Tom Daley_section_5

In February 2009, Daley retained his individual British 10m championship, setting a competition personal best score of 517.55 points, 133.45 points ahead of the second-placed diver. Tom Daley_sentence_60

He was unable to defend his 10m synchronised title, as his dive partner Blake Aldridge had been injured in a brawl at a nightclub several days before the championships and was unable to dive. Tom Daley_sentence_61

In March 2009 he improved his personal best to 540.70 in coming third at a Diving World Series event in China, and the following month he improved it to 540.85 while finishing second at the World Series event in Sheffield. Tom Daley_sentence_62

During the Olympics Daley had a row with diving partner Blake Aldridge when the latter phoned his mother between rounds. Tom Daley_sentence_63

When Aldridge missed the British Championships because of the injury sustained in the nightclub incident, Daley's father said he'd like his son to have a different diving partner. Tom Daley_sentence_64

In April 2009 he started to dive with Max Brick, who is two years his senior, compared with the twelve-year gap with Aldridge. Tom Daley_sentence_65

The pair achieved a silver medal in the 10m synchronised event at Fort Lauderdale on 8 May 2009. Tom Daley_sentence_66

Daley won the individual event in a new personal best of 554.90, scoring a perfect set of seven 10s for one of his dives. Tom Daley_sentence_67

In the 2009 FINA World Championships, held in Rome, Daley unexpectedly won the individual platform title despite his lower tariff, with a score of 539.85 points, when his opponents had poor final dives – Qiu Bo finished on 532.20 points, Zhou Luxin on 530.55. Tom Daley_sentence_68

In the 10 m platform synchronised event at the World Championships, Daley and Brick finished in 9th place following an inconsistent series of dives by the new pairing. Tom Daley_sentence_69

2010 Tom Daley_section_6

In the February 2010 British Championships individual 10 m competition, Daley unveiled his 5255B dive (back two-and-a-half somersault, one-and-a-half twists, with pike) in competition for the first time, giving him a 3.6 tariff dive (reduced from 3.8 in FINAs' September 2009 DD tables). Tom Daley_sentence_70

In this competition Daley finished in second place, 40.05 points behind Peter Waterfield. Tom Daley_sentence_71

In the March 2010 FINA Diving World Series event in Qingdao individual 10m competition, Daley showcased his two new dives and finished in 4th place, 520.35 points (his best score of the year). Tom Daley_sentence_72

In the first April 2010 FINA Diving World Series event held in Veracruz, Mexico, Daley failed to qualify for the final round of the individual 10m competition. Tom Daley_sentence_73

A second event was held in the same venue three days later to replace the Sheffield DWS event which was cancelled because of the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Tom Daley_sentence_74

Daley finished in fourth place, with a score of 519.70 points – his second highest score of the season (just 0.8 points away from bronze). Tom Daley_sentence_75

In August 2010, Daley attended the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary, intending to defend his individual 10m title. Tom Daley_sentence_76

However, an injury to his triceps muscle in the 10m synchro competition forced his withdrawal from the synchro and individual 10m competitions, and placed his participation in the inaugural Youth Olympics in Singapore in the following two weeks in doubt. Tom Daley_sentence_77

It was later announced that Daley would dive in the 3m springboard but not in the 10m platform. Tom Daley_sentence_78

Daley took part in the 3m springboard diving competition and finished in 9th place. Tom Daley_sentence_79

On 12 October 2010, Daley attended the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, India. Tom Daley_sentence_80

He and his teammate Max Brick won the gold medal for Synchronised 10m Platform Competition. Tom Daley_sentence_81

The following day he also won gold in the 10m Individual Platform competition. Tom Daley_sentence_82

In November 2010, Daley was announced as a nominated sportsman for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2010 and the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2010. Tom Daley_sentence_83

He won BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2010 for the third time in his career, and is the first person to receive this award three times. Tom Daley_sentence_84

2011 Tom Daley_section_7

For the 2011 season, Daley was paired in the synchronised competitions with 2004 Athens Olympic silver medallist Peter Waterfield in British Swimming's continuing efforts to find the best synchro pairing for the 2012 Olympics. Tom Daley_sentence_85

At the 2011 National Cup, the British Championship was held in the new Southend Swimming and Diving Centre on 28–30 January and Daley came second in the 3m springboard competition behind Jack Laugher. Tom Daley_sentence_86

With Waterfield, he won the 10m platform synchronised competition. Tom Daley_sentence_87

The following day, Waterfield beat Daley to the individual 10m platform title for the second successive year, by 494.25 points to 472.35, with Max Brick third with 399.80. Tom Daley_sentence_88

In the 2011 World Championships, held in Shanghai, China, he was again paired with Waterfield in the 10m synchro event. Tom Daley_sentence_89

In the week before the competition Waterfield was struck by a flu-like illness for five days, and consequently they finished in sixth place. Tom Daley_sentence_90

In the individual event, Daley finished in fifth place on 505.10 points, behind Qiu Bo (585.45), David Boudia (544.25), Sascha Klein (534.50), and Viktor Minibaev (527.50). Tom Daley_sentence_91

On 27 July 2011, Daley took the first dive in London's newly built Olympic Park Aquatics Centre marking the one year countdown until the games begin. Tom Daley_sentence_92

It was broadcast live on BBC One and when interviewed he said "Marking the one year to go, by diving in the Aquatics Centre is an incredible honour. Tom Daley_sentence_93

Only a few years ago, this was a distant dream. Tom Daley_sentence_94

The fact that I qualified at the weekend and am taking the first dive is a complete privilege. Tom Daley_sentence_95

I can't wait for next year and the honour of representing Team GB." Tom Daley_sentence_96

2012 Tom Daley_section_8

In the 2012 season, a thumb injury forced Daley's withdrawal from the National Cup a few days before the competition (the 10m platform title was won by Max Brick). Tom Daley_sentence_97

In February 2012 British Diving's Performance Director Alexei Evangulov criticised Daley's work ethic, stating that he feared Daley's media and commercial activities were to the detriment of his training for the Olympics – a comment which was seemingly backed up when Daley and Pete Waterfield could only finish 7th in the 10m synchro competition in the FINA World Cup event held at the London Aquatics Centre. Tom Daley_sentence_98

Following a clear-the-air meeting between Daley, Evangulov, and Daley's representatives, Daley participated in the 2012 FINA Diving World Series. Tom Daley_sentence_99

In the first event held in Dubai, Daley and Waterfield finished 4th in the 10m synchro event, while Daley won silver in the individual 10m event. Tom Daley_sentence_100

In the event held in Beijing a week later, Daley and Waterfield won the silver medal in the 10m synchro event, while in the individual event Daley won silver and Waterfield the bronze. Tom Daley_sentence_101

Three weeks later, in the Moscow event, Daley won silver in the individual platform event, while the pairing finished fifth in the synchro. Tom Daley_sentence_102

In the final DWS meet of the year, in Tijuana, Mexico, Daley won gold in the individual platform event, and the pairing with Waterfield won bronze in the synchro event, although the Chinese did not compete in these events at this meet. Tom Daley_sentence_103

Over the whole 2012 Diving World Series, Daley and the Daley/Waterfield pairing won both the overall individual and synchro 10-metre competitions. Tom Daley_sentence_104

In April 2012, Daley won the British elite juniors 10-metre platform title by a margin of 140 points at the Plymouth Life Centre. Tom Daley_sentence_105

In May 2012, Daley regained the European 10-metre platform title when he won gold at the Eindhoven championships with a score of 565.05 points, 49.65 ahead of Viktor Minibaev in silver position. Tom Daley_sentence_106

In the British Gas Diving Championships held in Sheffield in June 2012, which were also the Olympic trials, Daley and Waterfield won the 10m synchro platform title with a new British record score of 475.77, more than 140 points ahead of silver medallists Daniel Goodfellow and Ross Haslam on 333.72. Tom Daley_sentence_107

In the individual 10m championship, Daley regained the title for the first time since 2009 with a score of 547.60, ahead of Peter Waterfield on 452.80 and James Denny on 390.20. Tom Daley_sentence_108

Olympics Tom Daley_section_9

In Britain Daley had long been considered one of the "poster boys" of the 2012 Summer Olympics, (literally – an 80-foot tall banner depicting him adorned the John Lewis department store in Cardiff, while a 40-foot tall banner of his female equivalent, heptathlete Jessica Ennis, was on the Sheffield branch of the store chain.) Tom Daley_sentence_109

It was hoped that the 10m men's synchronised platform event, on the first Monday of the Games, would provide Daley and Waterfield with an opportunity to supply Team GB's first medal of the Games. Tom Daley_sentence_110

However, while the pairing was leading the competition after three dives, a poor reverse 3 1/2 somersaults with tuck in the fourth round put them out of contention and they ended the competition in fourth place on 454.65 points, behind the Chinese pairing of Cao Yuan and Zhang Yanquan on 486.78 points, the Mexican pairing of Iván García and Germán Sánchez on 468.90 points, and the US pairing of David Boudia and Nick McCrory on 463.47 points. Tom Daley_sentence_111

Following this disappointment, there was controversy when Daley was the subject of some abusive Twitter messages, which resulted in the police arresting a 17-year-old boy in Weymouth, Dorset, and a 28-year-old professional footballer for publishing offensive messages. Tom Daley_sentence_112

Returning to the Aquatics Centre on the final Friday of the Games for the 10m men's platform event, Daley initially gave his fans cause for concern with a poor performance in the preliminary round where he was ranked 15th of the 18 qualifying divers for the semi-final with 448.45 points (the eventual gold medal winner, David Boudia, ranked 18th). Tom Daley_sentence_113

A much better performance in the semi-finals the next morning left Daley in fourth position on 521.10 points, behind Qiu Bo on 563.55, Lin Yue on 541.80, and Boudia on 531.15. Tom Daley_sentence_114

The final round began in dramatic form when Daley's star status almost led to his undoing – a large number of camera flashes while he was diving distracted him and he only scored 75 points; a protest to the referee resulted in him being allowed to retake the dive, when he scored 91.80. Tom Daley_sentence_115

By the beginning of the final round of dives in an enthralling contest, Daley was in the lead over Qiu Bo and David Boudia by 0.15 points, but Daley's final dive had a degree of difficulty of only 3.3 while his rivals both had 3.6 dives, and Daley won the bronze medal with 556.95 points while Boudia won gold with 568.65 points and Qiu Bo won silver with 566.85 points. Tom Daley_sentence_116

World Junior Diving Championships Tom Daley_section_10

At the 19th FINA World Junior Diving Championships, held in October 2012 in Adelaide, Australia, Daley lead a strong British team and rather unexpectedly won the Boys "A" 3m synchronised springboard competition together with Jack Laugher, who had won the individual 3m competition, they had had little practice together. Tom Daley_sentence_117

Daley and Laugher scored 338.85 points, over 30 points ahead of Ilia Kuzmin and Maxim Popkov. Tom Daley_sentence_118

In the 10m individual platform event, Daley won the competition with a score of 663.95, ahead of Yang Jian on 611.95 and Chen Aisen on 597.20, scoring five 10's and two 9.5's on his fifth dive. Tom Daley_sentence_119

2013 Tom Daley_section_11

In January 2013, Daley was involved in the ITV celebrity diving show Splash! Tom Daley_sentence_120 , where he was an expert adviser to the celebrity contestants. Tom Daley_sentence_121

While the show got a largely negative critical response, it nevertheless got the largest ratings on each of the five Saturday nights it was broadcast, and was renewed for a second season in 2014. Tom Daley_sentence_122

Daley was warned by British Swimming chief executive David Sparkes that taking part in the series would risk damaging his chances of winning an Olympic gold medal in the future. Tom Daley_sentence_123

At the British Gas Diving Championships held at his home pool in Plymouth on 8–10 February, Daley only competed in the individual 10-metre platform event, which he won with 501.00 points, ahead of James Denny on 374.90 points and Daniel Goodfellow on 340.25 points. Tom Daley_sentence_124

Daley did not compete in the 10m synchro platform event, as his partner Peter Waterfield had lost his funding following this Olympiad, and his future synchro partner had yet to be determined. Tom Daley_sentence_125

Daley's participation in competitive diving in 2013 was seriously restricted by an injury in May. Tom Daley_sentence_126

In April he won the 10m competition at the Edinburgh leg of the Diving World Series, but while subsequently training for the Diving Grand Prix event at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Daley injured his elbow and was forced to withdraw from the Fort Lauderdale competition and the subsequent DWS event in Mexico. Tom Daley_sentence_127

In training for the 2013 World Championships, in Barcelona, Daley suffered a torn triceps for the third time, and only competed following intense medical attention and painkilling injections; he finished the individual 10m competition in 6th place. Tom Daley_sentence_128

2014 Tom Daley_section_12

At the beginning of 2014 Daley moved his training base from the Life Centre in Plymouth to the London Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park in east London, with a new coach, Jane Figueiredo. Tom Daley_sentence_129

In January 2014 Daley was involved in the second series of Splash!. Tom Daley_sentence_130

Ratings were not as good as the first season, and the show was cancelled. Tom Daley_sentence_131

In the FINA Diving World Series, Daley came third in the 10m platform competition at the Beijing round, scoring 525.05 points, behind China's Cao Yuan on 579.45 and Qiu Bo on 534.05 points. Tom Daley_sentence_132

In 2014 Daley hosted a six-part travel series for ITV2 called Tom Daley Goes Global. Tom Daley_sentence_133

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Daley won a silver medal in the men's synchronised 10m platform with diving partner James Denny and gold in the men's 10m platform, with 516.55 points, retaining his title from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in 2010. Tom Daley_sentence_134

In August 2014 at the European Championships in Berlin, the Daley/Denny partnership finished fourth in the 10m platform synchro competition, in only their second competition, while Daley won the silver medal in the 10m platform competition, with 535.45 points, behind Russia's Viktor Minibaev who had 586.10 points. Tom Daley_sentence_135

2015 Tom Daley_section_13

For the 2015 season, Daley dropped the "demon dive" (backward 2.5 somersault with 2.5 twists, piked) which he had experienced difficulty with for several years, and replaced it with a forward 3.5 somersaults with one twist, which he called his "firework" dive and displayed for the first time at the British championships in Plymouth in February. Tom Daley_sentence_136

At the British championships held in his old home pool in Plymouth, Daley won the individual 10m platform title for the fifth time, with 493.70 points, ahead of 14-year-old Matthew Dixon on 427.15, and Matty Lee on 413.20. Tom Daley_sentence_137

In the season's opening meet of the FINA Diving World Series, in Beijing, Daley conceded that the new dive still needed "work to be done" on it, as he failed to qualify for the final round. Tom Daley_sentence_138

Overall, throughout the years' DWS meets, in the 10m platform competition Daley won the silver medal in the Dubai, Windsor, Ontario, and Mérida, Mexico legs, and gold in London, whilst with Alicia Blagg he won bronze in the mixed synchronised 3m springboard at Windsor and at Mérida. Tom Daley_sentence_139

At the World Championships held in Kazan, Russia, Daley won the gold medal with Rebecca Gallantree in the inaugural team event competition (Daley diving twice from the 10m platform and once from the 3m springboard, Gallantree diving once from the platform and twice from the springboard). Tom Daley_sentence_140

In the individual 10m platform event he later won the bronze medal with 537.95 points, behind Qiu Bo on 587.00 and David Boudia on 560.20, having recovered from being in ninth place after the second round. Tom Daley_sentence_141

2016 Tom Daley_section_14

For the 2016 season Daley was paired with Daniel Goodfellow for the 10m men's platform synchro competition, with a view to competing in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics in this sport. Tom Daley_sentence_142

At the British National Diving Cup, the British Championships, held in January, Daley won a gold in the individual 10m platform competition with 545.80 points, ahead of Matty Lee on 461.00 and Dan Goodfellow on 419.35 points. Tom Daley_sentence_143

In the synchronised 10m platform competition, Daley and Goodfellow won the competition, but they were the only entrants in the competition after Lee and James Denny withdrew following a power cut at the venue. Tom Daley_sentence_144

Daley and Goodfellow got bronze at the 2016 FINA Diving World Cup, earning them a spot in the 10m synchro competition at the Olympic Games. Tom Daley_sentence_145

At the 2016 FINA Diving World Series, which consisted of four competitions, Daley earned six medals. Tom Daley_sentence_146

In the synchro event, he and Goodfellow medalled at each of the four competitions, earning two silver and two bronze medals. Tom Daley_sentence_147

In the individual event, Daley earned a silver and a bronze medal. Tom Daley_sentence_148

At the 2016 Summer Olympics, Daley and Goodfellow won a bronze medal in the synchronized 10m platform. Tom Daley_sentence_149

In the individual 10m platform, Daley placed first in the preliminaries (with an Olympic record score of 571.85 points, which was later broken by Chen Aisen in the finals). Tom Daley_sentence_150

However, he had difficulties the next day, placing 18th in the semi-finals and failing to qualify for the finals. Tom Daley_sentence_151

2017 Tom Daley_section_15

In the 2017 FINA World Series, Daley has taken home 1 bronze medal in Beijing (10m Platform), 3 bronze medals in Kazan (10m Platform, 10m Synchro, and 3m Mixed), and one silver medal in Guangzhou (10m Platform). Tom Daley_sentence_152

On 22 July 2017 he won the gold medal in the 10m platform event at the FINA World Championships held in Budapest. Tom Daley_sentence_153

2018–2019 Tom Daley_section_16

In the 2018 FINA Diving World Series, Daley has won 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal in Beijing (3m Mixed and 10m Synchro), 1 silver medal in Fuji (3m Mixed), 1 silver medal in Montreal (3m Mixed), and 1 silver medal in Kazan (3m Mixed). Tom Daley_sentence_154

At the 2018 Commonwealth Games held at the Gold Coast, Australia, Daley and Goodfellow won gold on the men's synchronised 10-metres platform. Tom Daley_sentence_155

Daley partnered with Matty Lee starting in October 2018 in the men's synchronised 10-metres platform. Tom Daley_sentence_156

At the 2019 World Aquatics Championships held in Gwangju, South Korea, Daley and Lee finished in the bronze position in the 10m synchro. Tom Daley_sentence_157

Competitive history Tom Daley_section_17

Tom Daley_unordered_list_0

  • British champion in all events (1 m, 3 m, platform) in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in the relevant age group.Tom Daley_item_0_0

with Blake Aldridge with Max Brick with Peter Waterfield with Jack Laugher with James Denny with Rebecca Gallantree with Alicia Blagg with Daniel Goodfellow with Grace Reid with Matty Lee semi-final result Tom Daley_sentence_158

Daley's current dives are: Tom Daley_sentence_159

Tom Daley_ordered_list_1

  1. 307C: Reverse 3 1/2 Somersault Tucked (3.4 Tariff)Tom Daley_item_1_1
  2. 407C: Inward 3 1/2 Somersault Tucked (3.2 Tariff)Tom Daley_item_1_2
  3. 5172B: Forward 3 1/2 Somersault w/ 1 Twist Piked (3.6 Tariff)Tom Daley_item_1_3
  4. 626B: Armstand Back Triple Somersault Piked (3.5 Tariff)Tom Daley_item_1_4
  5. 109C: Forward 4 1/2 Somersault Tucked (3.7 Tariff)Tom Daley_item_1_5
  6. 207B: Back 3 1/2 Somersault Piked (3.6 Tariff)Tom Daley_item_1_6

Personal life Tom Daley_section_18

Daley created a YouTube channel on 23 August 2010. Tom Daley_sentence_160

His channel consists of vlogs, exercises, food, etc. As of 2019, Daley has over 800,000 subscribers with over 100 million views. Tom Daley_sentence_161

On 2 December 2013, Daley released a YouTube video announcing that he had been in a relationship with a man since early that year. Tom Daley_sentence_162

He said: "I've never been happier." Tom Daley_sentence_163

Daley said that it had been a tough decision to speak out about his private life. Tom Daley_sentence_164

He said: "I'd never felt the feeling of love, it happened so quickly, I was completely overwhelmed by it to the point I can't get him out of my head all the time." Tom Daley_sentence_165

His spouse is American film screenwriter, director and producer Dustin Lance Black. Tom Daley_sentence_166

In the video, he did not use the words "gay" or "bisexual", but did say "Of course I still fancy girls." Tom Daley_sentence_167

When asked about his sexual orientation in a July 2015 interview with The Guardian, Daley said: "I don't put a particular label on any of it because right now I'm in a relationship with a guy, but I still have sexual feelings towards girls." Tom Daley_sentence_168

When asked about his coming to terms with his same-sex attraction and his relationship with Black, he said: "I'd been in relationships with girls where I'd had sexual feelings, but it became so much more intense when I met Lance." Tom Daley_sentence_169

Daley announced his engagement to Black on 1 October 2015. Tom Daley_sentence_170

Daley and Black married at Bovey Castle in Devon on 6 May 2017. Tom Daley_sentence_171

On 14 February 2018, Daley announced via his Instagram account that he and his husband were expecting their first child through surrogacy, which caused some criticism due to the ethical issues surrounding surrogacy. Tom Daley_sentence_172

Their son, Robert "Robbie" Ray Black-Daley, was born on 27 June 2018. Tom Daley_sentence_173

The family live in London. Tom Daley_sentence_174

Daley and Black do not share pictures with their son's face online or on social media accounts. Tom Daley_sentence_175

Views Tom Daley_section_19

In August 2014, Daley was one of 200 public figures who were signatories to a letter to The Guardian opposing Scottish independence in the run-up to September's referendum on that issue. Tom Daley_sentence_176

In a statement made on the eve of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 2018, Daley called on Commonwealth countries to repeal their anti-gay laws. Tom Daley_sentence_177

In response, the-then UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat that he would raise concerns about gay rights with leaders of countries where homosexuality is illegal. Tom Daley_sentence_178

There have been repeated calls from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights for governments to safeguard the rights of their vulnerable LGBT minorities. Tom Daley_sentence_179

Prime Minister Theresa May said she "deeply regretted" Britain's historical legacy of anti-gay laws across the British Commonwealth. Tom Daley_sentence_180

Media activities Tom Daley_section_20

Daley is very active through social media, including creating videos for his YouTube channel for a number of years. Tom Daley_sentence_181

He used this platform to announce his relationship with American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. Tom Daley_sentence_182

He has subsequently posted a number of other videos with Black, as well as regular vlogs and fitness videos. Tom Daley_sentence_183

Other social media platforms on which Daley is active include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tom Daley_sentence_184

In 2015, he became a patron of LGBT+ charity Switchboard (UK) and collaborated with YouTuber Calum McSwiggan to relaunch the charity under their new name. Tom Daley_sentence_185

In October 2017, Daley hosted the Virgin Holidays Attitude Awards for the first time. Tom Daley_sentence_186

On 30 September 2018, he was the guest on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. Tom Daley_sentence_187

His favourite choice was "How Long Will I Love You" by Ellie Goulding. Tom Daley_sentence_188

His book choice was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. Tom Daley_sentence_189 K. Rowling and his luxury item was an oven. Tom Daley_sentence_190

Honours and awards Tom Daley_section_21

Tom Daley_unordered_list_2

  • Named Youngster of the Year by BBC South West in 2005.Tom Daley_item_2_7
  • Named BBC South West Sports Personality of the Year, 2009.Tom Daley_item_2_8
  • Short-listed to the final ten for the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year award in 2006.Tom Daley_item_2_9
  • Short-listed to the final three for the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year award in 2008.Tom Daley_item_2_10
  • Named BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2007, 2009 and 2010 (only person ever to win this award more than once).Tom Daley_item_2_11
  • Short-listed to the final ten for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in 2009 and 2010.Tom Daley_item_2_12
  • Ranked No. 63 in Time's 2008 edition of 100 Olympic Athletes To Watch.Tom Daley_item_2_13
  • Won LEN Magazine's "Athlete of the Year" award for men's divers, 2009, on behalf of the European Swimming Federation. The award is voted for by representatives of all European Aquatic Federations and the media.Tom Daley_item_2_14
  • Nominated for the 2010 Laureus World Sports Award for Breakthrough of the Year.Tom Daley_item_2_15
  • Included in The Sunday Times' "100 Makers of the 21st Century" list.Tom Daley_item_2_16

Tom Daley_table_general_0

YearTom Daley_header_cell_0_0_0 Award-giving bodyTom Daley_header_cell_0_0_1 CategoryTom Daley_header_cell_0_0_2 ResultTom Daley_header_cell_0_0_3
2006Tom Daley_cell_0_1_0 BBC Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_1_1 BBC Young Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_1_2 NominatedTom Daley_cell_0_1_3
2007Tom Daley_cell_0_2_0 WonTom Daley_cell_0_2_1
The Herald AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_3_0 Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_3_1
2008Tom Daley_cell_0_4_0 BBC Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_4_1 BBC Young Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_4_2 NominatedTom Daley_cell_0_4_3
2009Tom Daley_cell_0_5_0 BBC Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_5_1
BBC Young Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_6_0 WonTom Daley_cell_0_6_1
The Daily Telegraph/Aviva School Sport Matters AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_7_0 Student of the Year (Male)Tom Daley_cell_0_7_1
The Herald AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_8_0 Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_8_1
2010Tom Daley_cell_0_9_0 BBC Radio 1's Teen AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_9_1 Best Sports StarTom Daley_cell_0_9_2
BBC Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_10_0 BBC Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_10_1 NominatedTom Daley_cell_0_10_2
BBC Young Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_11_0 WonTom Daley_cell_0_11_1
Laureus World Sports AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_12_0 Breakthrough of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_12_1 NominatedTom Daley_cell_0_12_2
2011Tom Daley_cell_0_13_0 BBC Radio 1's Teen AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_13_1 Best Young Sports StarTom Daley_cell_0_13_2 WonTom Daley_cell_0_13_3
2012Tom Daley_cell_0_14_0 Best British Sports StarTom Daley_cell_0_14_1
Male Hottie of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_15_0
The Herald AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_16_0 Sports Personality of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_16_1
2013Tom Daley_cell_0_17_0 Nickelodeon UK Kids' Choice AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_17_1 Favourite UK Sports StarTom Daley_cell_0_17_2
2014Tom Daley_cell_0_18_0 Attitude AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_18_1 Man of the YearTom Daley_cell_0_18_2
2017Tom Daley_cell_0_19_0 British LGBT AwardsTom Daley_cell_0_19_1 Independent Influencer Award

(with Dustin Lance Black)Tom Daley_cell_0_19_2

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