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The Binghamton Flyers were an American basketball team based in Binghamton, New York that was a member of the Eastern Professional Basketball League. Binghamton Flyers_sentence_0

The Flyers originally began the 1967-68 season as the Bridgeport (Conn.) Flyers, but relocated to Binghamton after starting the season with a 1-11 record. Binghamton Flyers_sentence_1

The Flyers' top scorer in the 1967-68 season was Swish McKinney, who set a league record with 1,206 points in a 32-game season. Binghamton Flyers_sentence_2

Herbert Cables served as the general manager while the team was in Bridgeport. Binghamton Flyers_sentence_3

For the next two seasons, the Flyers guarded the Eastern League basement. Binghamton Flyers_sentence_4

Although the team began play for the 1970-71 season in Binghamton, a poor 1-6 start and dwindling home crowds forced the Flyers to relocate to Trenton, New Jersey to finish the year. Binghamton Flyers_sentence_5

The team folded after the 1971 season. Binghamton Flyers_sentence_6

Year-by-year Binghamton Flyers_section_0

Binghamton Flyers_table_general_0

YearBinghamton Flyers_header_cell_0_0_0 LeagueBinghamton Flyers_header_cell_0_0_1 Reg. SeasonBinghamton Flyers_header_cell_0_0_2 PlayoffsBinghamton Flyers_header_cell_0_0_3
1967/68Binghamton Flyers_cell_0_1_0 EPBLBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_1_1 7thBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_1_2 Did not qualifyBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_1_3
1968/69Binghamton Flyers_cell_0_2_0 EPBLBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_2_1 5th, WesternBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_2_2 Did not qualifyBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_2_3
1969/70Binghamton Flyers_cell_0_3_0 EPBLBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_3_1 8thBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_3_2 Did not qualifyBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_3_3
1970/71Binghamton Flyers_cell_0_4_0 EBABinghamton Flyers_cell_0_4_1 Binghamton Flyers_cell_0_4_2 relocated in mid-seasonBinghamton Flyers_cell_0_4_3

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