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In biological classification, especially zoology, the type genus is the genus which defines a biological family and the root of the family name. Type genus_sentence_0

Zoological nomenclature Type genus_section_0

According to the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, "The name-bearing type of a nominal family-group taxon is a nominal genus called the 'type genus'; the family-group name is based upon that of the type genus." Type genus_sentence_1

Any family-group name must have a type genus (and any genus-group name must have a type species, but any species-group name may, but need not, have one or more type specimens). Type genus_sentence_2

The type genus for a family-group name is also the genus that provided the stem to which was added the ending -idae (for families). Type genus_sentence_3

Type genus_description_list_0

  • Example: The family name Formicidae has as its type genus the genus Formica Linnaeus, 1758.Type genus_item_0_0

Botanical nomenclature Type genus_section_1

In botanical nomenclature, the phrase "type genus" is used, unofficially, as a term of convenience. Type genus_sentence_4

In the ICN this phrase has no status. Type genus_sentence_5

The code uses type specimens for ranks up to family, and types are optional for higher ranks. Type genus_sentence_6

The Code does not refer to the genus containing that type as a "type genus". Type genus_sentence_7

Type genus_description_list_1

  • Example: "Poa is the type genus of the family Poaceae and of the order Poales" is another way of saying that the names Poaceae and Poales are based on the generic name Poa.Type genus_item_1_1

See also Type genus_section_2

Type genus_unordered_list_2

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