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The Volkstheater in Vienna (roughly translated as "People's Theatre") was founded in 1889 by request of the citizens of Vienna, amongst them the dramatist Ludwig Anzengruber and the furniture manufacturer Thonet, in order to offer a popular counter weight to the Hofburgtheater. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_0

It was erected according to designs by Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer, who attempted to reconcile their plans with historicism. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_1

It is located in Neubau, the seventh district of Vienna. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_2

The founders of this stage had a theatrical stage in mind, in order to expose wider circles of the population of Vienna to classical and modern literature whilst staging these next to more traditional plays. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_3

The theatre follows this tradition even today. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_4

New productions of the classics are always in the pipeline along with regular reinterpretations of works by Ferdinand Raimund and Johann Nestroy and many new plays and reruns. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_5

Special attention is given to Austrian playwrights of old and new. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_6

In 2005 Michael Schottenberg became art director of the Volkstheater. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_7

In 2005 the Volkstheater started an alternative theater stage called "Volkstheater Hundsturm" in Margareten, the fifth district of Vienna. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_8

It is a place for experimental theater (e.g. Wojtek Klemm, Dejan Dukovski, monochrom). Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_9

The Volkstheater station of lines U2 and U3 of the Vienna U-Bahn is located here. Volkstheater, Vienna_sentence_10

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