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William Jack (botanist)_table_infobox_0

William JackWilliam Jack (botanist)_header_cell_0_0_0
BornWilliam Jack (botanist)_header_cell_0_1_0 1795

Aberdeen, ScotlandWilliam Jack (botanist)_cell_0_1_1

DiedWilliam Jack (botanist)_header_cell_0_2_0 15 September 1822 (aged 27-28)

Bencoolen, SumatraWilliam Jack (botanist)_cell_0_2_1

NationalityWilliam Jack (botanist)_header_cell_0_3_0 BritishWilliam Jack (botanist)_cell_0_3_1
FieldsWilliam Jack (botanist)_header_cell_0_4_0 medicine, botanyWilliam Jack (botanist)_cell_0_4_1

William Jack FRSE (1795 in Aberdeen – 1822 in Bencoolen, Sumatra) was a noted Scottish botanist and medical practitioner. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_0

Life William Jack (botanist)_section_0

He was born in Aberdeen on 29 January 1795. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_1

He studied at the University of Aberdeen and received an M.A. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_2

degree at the age of 16, then continued studies in Medicine in London, graduating as an M.D. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_3 , and was admitted to the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1812. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_4

He then travelled to London for further studies in surgery, becoming a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1812. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_5

Jack was employed by the East India Company as a surgeon in India, where he corresponded extensively with botanist Nathaniel Wallich. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_6

In 1818 he accompanied Stamford Raffles to Sumatra where he extensively documented the rich flora of that region until his death in 1822. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_7

Much of his work, including manuscripts, drawings, and collections, was destroyed by fire in 1824. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_8

He died at Bencoolen in Sumatra on 15 September 1822. William Jack (botanist)_sentence_9

Botanical References William Jack (botanist)_section_1

Three plant genera are named after him: William Jack (botanist)_sentence_10

William Jack (botanist)_unordered_list_0

  • Jakkia Blume, 1823, a synonym of Xanthophyllum, in family PolygalaceaeWilliam Jack (botanist)_item_0_0
  • Jackia Wall., 1824, a synonym of Jackiopsis Ridsdale, in family RubiaceaeWilliam Jack (botanist)_item_0_1
  • Jackia Spreng., nom. illeg., 1826, a synonym of Eriolaena in family MalvaceaeWilliam Jack (botanist)_item_0_2

Published works William Jack (botanist)_section_2

William Jack (botanist)_unordered_list_1

  • Descriptions of Malayan Plants 1820–1822. Originally published in Malayan Miscellanies, and reprinted in various forms at later dates.William Jack (botanist)_item_1_3
  • William Jack, communicated by Robert Brown (1823) , Transactions of The Linnean Society of London 14(1): 1-22William Jack (botanist)_item_1_4
  • William Jack, communicated by Aylmer Bourke Lambert (1823) , Transactions of The Linnean Society of London 14(1): 23-45William Jack (botanist)_item_1_5
  • William Jack, communicated by Henry Thomas Colebrooke (1823) , Transactions of The Linnean Society of London 14(1): 114-130William Jack (botanist)_item_1_6

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