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William Soone or Zoone (fl. William Soone_sentence_0

1540–1575) was an English jurist and cartographer. William Soone_sentence_1

Life William Soone_section_0

Soone was educated at Cambridge University, where he matriculated at Michaelhouse in 1544. William Soone_sentence_2

He graduated B.A. 1547, and proceeded M.A. at some date after 1549. William Soone_sentence_3

He became doctor of civil and canon laws, probably at some university on the continent. William Soone_sentence_4

The bursars' accounts of Caius College show that he was resident at Gonville Hall, probably as a fellow, from 1548 to 1555. William Soone_sentence_5

In 1561 he became regius professor of civil law, and in June of that year was admitted fellow of Trinity Hall. William Soone_sentence_6

He would not conform to the Church of England, and, leaving Cambridge, went abroad. William Soone_sentence_7

His successor in the professorship, William Clerke, was appointed in 1563. William Soone_sentence_8

Soone is said to have resided at Paris, Dol, Freiburg, and Padua, and to have been a professor of law for some time at Leuven. William Soone_sentence_9

From Leuven he went, most likely, to Antwerp, where he acted as assistant to Abraham Ortelius. William Soone_sentence_10

In 1572 he was at Cologne. William Soone_sentence_11

He then passed to Rome, and had some papal appointment. William Soone_sentence_12

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