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Yakov Kreizberg (Russian: Яков Крейцберг; born Yakov Mayevich Bychkov, 24 October 1959 – 15 March 2011) was a Russian-born American conductor. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_0

Early years Yakov Kreizberg_section_0

In the Soviet Union Yakov Kreizberg_section_1

Yakov Bychkov was born in Leningrad into a family of Jewish ancestry. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_1

His father, May Bychkov, was a doctor and military scientist. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_2

His maternal great-grandfather, Yakov Kreizberg, was a conductor at the Odessa Opera. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_3

His brother is Semyon Bychkov (born in 1952). Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_4

Yakov began studying piano at age 5. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_5

He attended the Glinka Choir School, where he began composing at age 13. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_6

He subsequently studied conducting with Ilya Musin, as did his brother. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_7

In later years, Kreizberg summarised his conducting education as follows: Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_8

Semyon had emigrated from the Soviet Union in 1975. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_9

Yakov had also hoped to emigrate, but his father's professional status and perceived security risk were barriers to emigration. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_10

His emigration became possible only when his father chose to divorce his mother, which permitted mother and son to leave the country. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_11

By that time, he had composed numerous works, all unpublished, in manuscript. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_12

The Soviet authorities, however, did not allow any handwritten material to be taken out of the country, so he had to leave his compositions behind. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_13

The experience was such that he gave up composition and decided to become a conductor, although he also stated later that he "realised I didn't have enough talent for it". Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_14

In the United States Yakov Kreizberg_section_2

Following his emigration to the United States with his mother in 1976, Yakov Bychkov attended the Mannes School of Music, as did his brother, who counted among his conducting teachers, and graduated in 1981. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_15

One of his first public appearances as conductor was on 30 March 1980 at the Marble Collegiate Church, leading Haydn's Symphony No. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_16

88. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_17

For his graduation concert, he conducted the Mannes Orchestra on 6 March 1981. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_18

Around this time, he changed his surname to his mother's maiden name, Kreizberg, to distinguish himself from his older brother. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_19

On the advice of Seiji Ozawa, Kreizberg moved to the University of Michigan to do his graduate studies in conducting, where his teachers included Gustav Meier. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_20

He took US citizenship in 1982. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_21

He became the first student there to earn a doctorate in both orchestral and operatic conducting, and won the school's Eugene Ormandy Prize. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_22

While at the University of Michigan, Kreizberg conducted the Livonia Youth Symphony's senior orchestra from 1983 to 1984, with performances in Livonia, Michigan, as well as at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_23

Kreizberg spent summers at Tanglewood continuing his conducting studies with Erich Leinsdorf, Ozawa, and Leonard Bernstein. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_24

He received a scholarship at the Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute, where he continued work with Bernstein and was invited back to be assistant to Michael Tilson Thomas. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_25

Later in his career, in 2006, Kreizberg acknowledged Bernstein as the conductor whom he most admired: Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_26

From 1985 to 1988, Kreizberg was director of the orchestra at Mannes, and also taught conducting to a select number of students. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_27

During this period, he also conducted concerts of the New York City Symphony. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_28

In 1986, Kreizberg won first prize in the American Symphony Orchestra's Stokowski Conducting Competition, which resulted in a 2 March 1986 concert at Carnegie Hall, subsequently repeated the following week (9 March) at Newark Symphony Hall. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_29

Kreizberg also worked as an accompanist to vocal students and accompanied productions such as Theatre Opera Music Institute's 1981 production of Rimsky-Korsakov's Mozart and Salieri. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_30

He accompanied and toured with Roberta Peters in the late 1980s. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_31

Professional career Yakov Kreizberg_section_3

Opera Yakov Kreizberg_section_4

Kreizberg was General Music Director (GMD) of the United Municipal Theaters of Krefeld and Mönchengladbach from 1988 to 1994, where his work included a notable revival of Aribert Reimann's opera-oratorio Troades, which the composer himself received enthusiastically. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_32

At the time of his 1986 appointment to the post, he was age 27, the youngest GMD ever appointed in Germany up to that time. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_33

Kreizberg later was GMD of the Komische Oper Berlin from 1994 to 2001. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_34

During his tenure there, he conducted 10 new opera productions and 38 orchestral concerts, as well as 2 ballets. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_35

In particular, in 1994, Kreizberg conducted Berthold Goldschmidt's Der gewaltige Hanrei in its first staging since 1932. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_36

Other work there in contemporary opera included a production of Hans Werner Henze's König Hirsch. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_37

For his work at the Komische Oper, he received the Kritikerpreis für Musik in 1997 by the Verband der deutschen Kritiker e.V., the German music critics association. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_38

Kreizberg noted difficulties with funding, job cuts, and inability to fill vacancies as factors in his departure from the Komische Oper Berlin. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_39

Kreizberg first conducted at Glyndebourne Opera in 1992, the Nikolaus Lehnhoff production of Leoš Janáček's Jenůfa. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_40

He returned in 1995 for Deborah Warner's production of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Don Giovanni (1995, documented on DVD), and Lehnhoff's production of Janáček's Káťa Kabanová (1998). Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_41

He spoke of opera conducting generally as follows: Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_42

Orchestral posts Yakov Kreizberg_section_5

Kreizberg's duties as GMD in Krefeld-Mönchengladbach included the chief conductorship of the Niederrheinsche Sinfoniker. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_43

During his tenure, Kreizberg instituted special annual concerts devoted to an individual composer, which the orchestra continued after his tenure. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_44

In 1993, Kreizberg began his affiliation with the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra as its Music Director and Chief Conductor. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_45

In the UK, Kreizberg made his debut at The Proms conducting the BBC Symphony Orchestra on 3 August 1993, and returned each year from 1994 to 2000. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_46

He served as principal conductor of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra from 1995 to 2000. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_47

During his Bournemouth tenure, he led the orchestra in its Carnegie Hall debut on 17 April 1997. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_48

With the Bournemouth SO, he conducted the UK premiere of Berthold Goldschmidt's Passacaglia, op. 4, on 25 July 1996 in the presence of the composer, just months before Goldschmidt died. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_49

He also conducted the premiere of Peteris Vasks's Symphony No. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_50

2 on 30 July 1999 at The Proms. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_51

From 2003 to 2011, Kreizberg was Chief Conductor and Artistic Advisor of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_52

With his Netherlands ensembles, he recorded regularly for PENTATONE, which included several concerto recordings with Julia Fischer. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_53

Kreizberg and Fischer worked together regularly, and Fischer recalled her first meeting with Kreizberg in Philadelphia, where both artists were performing the violin concerto by Aram Khachaturian for the first time, following her arrival after a physically exhausting journey: Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_54

Kreizberg had been scheduled to stand down formally from the Netherlands Philharmonic and Netherlands Chamber Orchestras at the end of the 2010–2011 season. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_55

His final concert was on 14 February 2011 with the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, one month before his death. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_56

Elsewhere in Europe, Kreizberg was Principal Guest Conductor of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra from 2003 to 2009. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_57

In 2007, he received the Österreichisches Ehrenkreuz für Wissenschaft und Kunst in recognition of his music work in Austria. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_58

During the 2008–2009 season, Kreizberg was Artist-in-Residence at the Alte Oper Frankfurt, the first conductor to be so honoured. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_59

Kreizberg was Music Director and Artistic Director of the Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra from 2009 until his death in 2011. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_60

His original contract had designated an appointment to the Monte Carlo post for 5 years, but his final illness had begun to manifest itself by the summer of 2010. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_61

In the United States, Kreizberg made his Chicago Symphony Orchestra debut in 1992. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_62

His Los Angeles Philharmonic debut was in 1993 at the Hollywood Bowl. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_63

His New York Philharmonic debut was on 19 May 1999. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_64

With the Philadelphia Orchestra, he conducted over 30 concerts between 1999 and 2007, including deputising for the orchestra's then-outgoing music director Wolfgang Sawallisch on a 2003 tour of North and South America, when Sawallisch became too ill to travel. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_65

In contemporary music, Kreizberg also conducted works by Judith Bingham, Jonathan Harvey, Hans Werner Henze, and Siegfried Matthus. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_66

As well, he led lesser-known works by Ernst Krenek, Franz Schmidt, Kurt Weill, Karol Szymanowski, and Igor Markevitch. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_67

In addition to his recording work with his Dutch ensembles, Kreizberg also recorded commercially with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Russian National Orchestra. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_68

His Vienna Symphony Orchestra recording of Bruckner's Symphony No. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_69

7 received two Grammy Awards nominations. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_70

His final recording was a Decca release with Julia Fischer and the Monte Carlo Philharmonic of tone poems for violin and orchestra. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_71

He died on 15 March 2011 in Monaco after a long illness, aged 51. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_72

His remains were later transferred from Monaco to the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna, with the inscription Musik war mein Leben ('Music was my life') on his gravestone. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_73

His wife, American conductor Amy Andersson, and their two sons survived him. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_74

Critical reception Yakov Kreizberg_section_6

Dramatic power Yakov Kreizberg_section_7

Many reviews of Kreizberg's performances and recordings often attribute his unique qualities to his ability imbue music with dramatic power. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_75

Already in one of his earliest recordings, Goldschmidt's Chronica, it was noted "Kreizberg's Chronica has a zip that's missing elsewhere in the program ... " At a performance of Hans Werner Henze's opera König Hirsch at the Komische Oper, a critic noted: "The evening's most exciting aspect was the orchestra's brilliant playing under music director Yakov Kreizberg." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_76

A Gramophone review of the Don Giovanni video referred to him as "the fiery Yakov Kreizberg". Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_77

And for Verdi's Macbeth, performed in 2006 at the Royal Opera House: " ... there was plenty of drama in the music, thanks to the efforts of conductor Yakov Kreizberg and a vocally meaty cast on stage," and: "Thanks to Yakov Kreizberg the Orchestra and Chorus obviously relished the score which sparkled and never lost the blood-and-thunder drama." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_78

In reviewing his recording of Dvořák's 8th symphony, one critic tried for a deeper understanding of Kreizberg's ability at producing a dramatic performance: "His slow presentation of the opening melody followed by a fiery allegro sets up a nice dynamic contrast. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_79

He plays the crucial dramatic pauses in the second movement effectively, and he builds the climaxes slowly and grandly without making it sound like Götterdämmerung. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_80

The fourth movement is excellent. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_81

Kreizberg generates plenty of excitement without becoming hysterical (though the French horns could have benefited from a tighter leash) ... Kreizberg 's approach to the tone poems is similar, and The Wild Dove is special. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_82

He again presents some tremendous dramatic contrasts, but the lighter, dance-like sections don't go as well in The Noon Witch. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_83

This is probably the best recording of The Wild Dove in terms of performance and sound ... Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_84

These are fine performances with excellent sound ... " Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_85

Even in Mozart reviewers found plentiful drama: "Yakov Kreizberg launches the Sinfonia concertante in emphatic style: a no-nonsense tempo, lashing sforzando accents, a powerful forward impetus. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_86

Mozart's thrilling take on the slow-burn "Mannheim crescendo" has an almost ferocious intensity, enhanced by the recording's wide dynamic range." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_87

Kreizberg apparently had a special affinity for Shostakovich's music. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_88

For his debut with the New York Philharmonic, he conducted Shostakovich's 11th Symphony: "The performance was riveting. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_89

Kreizberg, Russian-born and now living in Germany, has a remarkable baton technique using mostly very small, clear motions; conducting from memory, he seemed to become one with the music and the musicians, who played magnificently." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_90

In the last year of his Bournemouth tenure: "After the interval Kreizberg conducted, from memory, the greatest live performance of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony I have ever heard. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_91

Utterly faithful to the letter of the score, which is so rarely the case, he and the Bournemouth Orchestra were fully at one with the spirit of this original masterpiece. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_92

This was great conducting and exceptionally fine orchestral playing which almost literally took my breath away: a magnificent achievement." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_93

In a 2007 review with the Philadelphia Orchestra: "Several years ago Yakov Kreizberg conducted Shostakovich's 11th Symphony with the Philadelphia Orchestra in one of the most dramatic and incendiary live performances I have ever heard." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_94

Tony Woodcock, past manager of the Bournemouth orchestra, recalled: "He had made a huge reputation for himself with this work because of his clear passion for it and his ability to mold an ensemble of intense musical and dramatic presence." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_95

Attention to detail Yakov Kreizberg_section_8

Another aspect that many critics noted was Kreizberg's attention to detail, often in a way that they found unique. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_96

In one of his earliest reviews in the German press, a critic described his approach to Reimann's opera Toades as reflecting "superiority, concentration, conceptual analysis, breathing together of music and scene, of instrumental and vocal groups, and precision in detail." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_97

One critic commenting on Julia Fischer's recording of Russian violin concertos: "She was ably partnered throughout by Yakov Kreizberg, who led the Russian National Orchestra with splendid energy and an attention to detail." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_98

Concerning Kurt Weill's operas Der Protagonist and Royal Palace: "Yakov Kreizberg drew highly-detailed performances from the superb Vienna Symphony, catching all the bite, drive and lyricism of these neglected masterpieces." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_99

Concerning a 2003 performance of Mahler's First Symphony with the Oregon Symphony: "Kreizberg is an interpreter of big ideas, communicated in detailed exactness. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_100

He has two of the most expressive hands in the business, and he radiated rhythm from the podium. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_101

It added up to a kind of poetry of precision, with highly expressive results." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_102

In the section on Kreizberg in his book Maestros in America: conductors in the 21st century, Roderick L. Sharpe summarized: Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_103

As a collaborator Yakov Kreizberg_section_9

Kreizberg frequently received near-superlative reviews as a collaborator, probably because of his extensive experience accompanying singers from his time in college and continuing during his professional career as an opera conductor. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_104

In Julia Fischer's recording of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto: "It's a beautiful performance, reinforced by Kreizberg 's sensitive accompaniment and a more beautiful-sounding wind section than I thought I'd ever hear in a Russian orchestra." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_105

In a review of the recording of Shostakovich cello concertos: "Yakov Kreizberg recently notched up a notable success as a sympathetic concerto partner for Julia Fischer and Daniel Müller-Schott in Brahms's 'Double'. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_106

A similar level of preparation with regard [to] the orchestral accompaniment is evident in his finely balanced recording. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_107

In the First Concerto one feels the cello, pounding away at the ferocious double-stops, buoyantly pitched against the orchestra, the woodwind responding with incisive rhythmic precision ... " Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_108

Daniel Müller-Schott: "The first time we met was in 2005 in the States to perform the Dvořák Concerto. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_109

From that moment I felt we had a wonderful connection, one that would continue for years. Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_110

After that we recorded the Brahms Double Concerto with Julia Fischer, which was fantastic, so when the possibility arose to record the Shostakovich, I felt he would be perfect." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_111

In an interview in Gramophone, Julia Fischer was asked whether her collaboration with Kreizberg was beneficial: Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_112

Even regarding the relationship of conductor to orchestra, Kreizberg said: "It's like a ... relationship—it's give-and-take, it's being open minded and being flexible because nothing in life is ever quite the way you imagine it to be." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_113

Florian Zwiauer (concertmaster of the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra) summed up Kreizberg: "He is a musician's conductor." Yakov Kreizberg_sentence_114

Selected discography Yakov Kreizberg_section_10

Yakov Kreizberg_unordered_list_0

  • Khachaturian / Prokofiev / Glazunov – Russian Violin Concertos. Julia Fischer, Yakov Kreizberg, Russian National Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186591 (2016 re-issue).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_0
  • Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto in D / Sérénade mélancolique / Valse-Scherzo / Souvenir d'un lieu cher. PENTATONE PTC 5186610 (2016 re-issue).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_1
  • In Memoriam Yakov Kreizberg. Works by Antonín Dvořák, Claude Debussy, Richard Wagner, Franz Schmidt, Johann Strauss Jr.. Julia Fischer, Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Wiener Symphoniker, Russian National Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186461 (2012).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_2
  • Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No. 6 & The Water Goblin. Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186302 (2009).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_3
  • Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No. 7 & "The Golden Spinning Wheel". Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186082 (2009).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_4
  • Johannes Brahms – Violin Concerto & Double Concerto for Violin and Cello. Julia Fischer, Daniel Müller-Schott, Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186066 (2007).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_5
  • Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No.8 & Holoubek, Op.110 & Polednice, Op. 108. Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186065 (2007).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_6
  • Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphonies Nos. 5&9 Op.47&Op.70. Yakov Kreizberg, Russian National Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186096 (2007).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_7
  • Johann Strauss – Waltzes. PENTATONE PTC 5186052. (2006).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_8
  • Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Violin concerto – Sérénade mélancolique – Valse – Souvenir d'un lieu cher. Julia Fischer, Yakov Kreizberg, Russian National Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186095 (2006).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_9
  • Tour de France musicale. Yakov Kreizberg, Works by Maurice Ravel, Gabriel Fauré, Claude Debussy. Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186058 (2005).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_10
  • Richard Wagner – Preludes & Overtures. Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186041 (2004).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_11
  • Anton Bruckner – Symphony No. 7. Yakov Kreizberg, Wiener Symphoniker. PENTATONE PTC 5186051 (2005).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_12
  • Khachaturian, Prokofiev, Glazunov – Russian Violin Concertos. Julia Fischer, Yakov Kreizberg, Russian National Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186059 (2004).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_13
  • Antonín Dvořák – 'New World' Symphony & Tchaikovsky – "Romeo and Juliet" Overture. Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186019 (2003).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_14
  • Franz Schmidt – Symphony No.4 & Orchestral music from "Notre Dame". Yakov Kreizberg, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra. PENTATONE PTC 5186015 (2003).Yakov Kreizberg_item_0_15

Decorations and awards Yakov Kreizberg_section_11

Yakov Kreizberg_unordered_list_1

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