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Yukon was a three-piece experimental band from Baltimore, MD. Yukon (band)_sentence_0

The band consisted of Nick Podgurski (drums/vocals), Sam Garrett (guitar) and Brad Smith (bass). Yukon (band)_sentence_1

Various four-piece incarnations included Denny Bowen (of Double Dagger and Roomrunner), and Tom Ferrara. Yukon (band)_sentence_2

Regional and national touring with Little Women, Calabi Yau, Archaeopteryx and Rick Weaver of The New Flesh. Yukon (band)_sentence_3

Yukon also performed at Whartscape and the International Noise Conference (Miami, FL) in 2007. Yukon (band)_sentence_4

Members of Yukon co-curated with fellow Brooklyn math-rock band, Stay Fucked, the Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches festival in Philadelphia, which was held December 2006 and featured current innovative music from bands such as Dysrhythmia and Zs. Yukon (band)_sentence_5

2007's Mortar was co-released by the band in part with Terra Firma Records. Yukon (band)_sentence_6

It was followed in 2008 by Medallion on Infinite Limbs. Yukon (band)_sentence_7

In the time that passed between Mortar and Medallion the band saw the exchange of original guitarist Tom Ferrara for Sam Garrett and the exit of guitarist/vocalist Denny Bowen. Yukon (band)_sentence_8

Medallion is the only recorded output of the shortly lived four-piece including both Garrett and Bowen on guitar. Yukon (band)_sentence_9

Medallion was recorded with Bowen on guitar after his leaving the band. Yukon (band)_sentence_10

This began the band's shift into trio and Podgurski's role as both drummer and vocalist. Yukon (band)_sentence_11

In early 2009, the song "Zero Gravity Chamber" was re-released as part of Damage Rituals Cassettes' "The Dead Hand: Human Machines" compilation along with tracks from groups such as Zs, Weasel Walter Trio, and Muscle Brain. Yukon (band)_sentence_12

The final self-titled record is available on cassette via Damage Rituals Cassettes. Yukon (band)_sentence_13

This is last record and only full-length featuring the trio lineup. Yukon (band)_sentence_14

N. Podgurski now runs New Firmament and performs as both New Firmament and Feast of the Epiphany. Yukon (band)_sentence_15

Sam Garrett is currently an active composer of both chamber works and music under the name Voice Coils. Yukon (band)_sentence_16

Brad Smith is playing bass in Slow Bull. Yukon (band)_sentence_17

Members Yukon (band)_section_0

Yukon (band)_unordered_list_0

  • Sam Garrett – (guitar)Yukon (band)_item_0_0
  • Nick Podgurski – (drums/vocals)Yukon (band)_item_0_1
  • Brad Smith – (bass)Yukon (band)_item_0_2

Former Members: Yukon (band)_sentence_18

Yukon (band)_unordered_list_1

  • Denny Bowen (guitar/vocals, until November 2007)Yukon (band)_item_1_3
  • Tom Ferrara (guitar, until June 2006)Yukon (band)_item_1_4

Discography Yukon (band)_section_1

Yukon (band)_unordered_list_2

  • Gough (Starter Home) 7" (2005) - Human Conduct Records [HC-033]Yukon (band)_item_2_5
  • Gerard (2006) - Self-Released Tour CDYukon (band)_item_2_6
  • Mortar (2006) - Terra Firma Records [TFR-003]Yukon (band)_item_2_7
  • Medallion EP (2008)Yukon (band)_item_2_8
  • The Dead Hand: Human Machines Compilation (2009) - Damage Rituals Cassettes [DR001]Yukon (band)_item_2_9
  • Yukon (2011) - Damage Rituals Cassettes [DR004]Yukon (band)_item_2_10

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