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La Pachanga is an album by Mongo Santamaría, published by Fantasy Records in 1959. !Arriba! La Pachanga_sentence_1

Musicians !Arriba! La Pachanga_section_0

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!Arriba! La Pachanga_unordered_list_1

  • Mongo Santamaríacongas, bongos!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_0
  • Willie Bobotimbales, bongos!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_1
  • Rudy Calzado – voice!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_2
  • Joao Donato – piano!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_3
  • Felix "Pupi" Legarreta – violin!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_4
  • Rolando Lozano – flute!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_5
  • Cuco Martinez – timbales, percussions!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_6
  • José "Chombo" Silva – saxophone!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_7
  • Victor Venegas – bass guitar!Arriba! La Pachanga_item_1_8

Track listing !Arriba! La Pachanga_section_1

LP version !Arriba! La Pachanga_section_2

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