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!Kweiten-ta-||Ken (also known as Rachel or Griet) was a noted |xam (San) chronicler of xam culture and knowledge. !Kweiten-ta-ǀǀKen_sentence_0

She played an important role in contributing to the Bleek and Lloyd archive of “Bushman Folklore” providing a female perspective on the life, rituals, and beliefs of |xam society. !Kweiten-ta-ǀǀKen_sentence_1

She was the primary source on |xam folklore, customs, and coming-of-age rights. !Kweiten-ta-ǀǀKen_sentence_2

She travelled to the Cape in June 1874 with her family and stayed until January 1875 during which she was interviewed by Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd. !Kweiten-ta-ǀǀKen_sentence_3

She was from the Katkop mountains north west of Brandvlei in what is today South Africa. !Kweiten-ta-ǀǀKen_sentence_4

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