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For the character, see at sign. "@"_sentence_0

"@" is a studio album by John Zorn and Thurston Moore. "@"_sentence_1

It is the first collaborative album by the duo and was recorded in New York City in February 2013 and released by Tzadik Records in September 2013. "@"_sentence_2

The album consists of improvised music by Zorn and Moore that was recorded in the studio in real time with no edits or overdubs. "@"_sentence_3

Reception "@"_section_0


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Track listing "@"_section_1

All compositions by John Zorn and Thurston Moore "@"_sentence_5


  1. "6th Floor Walk-Up, Waiting" – 12:25"@"_item_0_0
  2. "Jazz Laundromat" – 4:58"@"_item_0_1
  3. "Dawn Escape" – 9:39"@"_item_0_2
  4. "Her Sheets" – 4:19"@"_item_0_3
  5. "Soiled, Luscious" – 6:12"@"_item_0_4
  6. "Strange Neighbor" – 9:45"@"_item_0_5
  7. "For Derek and Evan" – 7:54"@"_item_0_6

Personnel "@"_section_2


Sound "@"_section_3


  • Eric Elterman – engineer"@"_item_2_9
  • Marc Urselli – audio mixer"@"_item_2_10
  • John Zorn and Kazunori Sugiyama – producers"@"_item_2_11

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