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Fannie Crawford (September 14, 1922 – July 5, 1978), better known as "Frantic" Fay Thomas, was an American pianist and vocalist. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_0

She recorded for Exclusive Records in the 1949. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_1

Life and career "Frantic" Fay Thomas_section_0

Thomas was born Fannie Crawford in Memphis, Tennessee. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_2

As a teenager, her family moved to Detroit, Michigan. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_3

Her father Elijah Crawford and her brother Bayless Crawford were cooks. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_4

On March 12, 1940, she Crawford married George Thomas in Cleveland, Ohio. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_5

Thomas began performing at Detroit's Four Horsemen Club in 1940. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_6

She was discovered by Earl Carroll, who gave her the stage name "Frantic Fay." "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_7

Thomas was featured with Earl Carroll's Vanities in the spring of 1944 and played eight months at Harry's Show Bar in Detroit. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_8

She was managed by Delbridge & Gorrell. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_9

Thomas played piano by ear. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_10

Billboard magazine described her style as "individual, with a jive touch," adding that "she is at her very best in an interpretation of the deep blues." "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_11

Through the 1940s, she had appearances at hotels and bars around the country. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_12

In 1949, Thomas recorded four songs for Leon René's Exclusive Records in Los Angeles: "I'm In Town," "Waga-Waga," "I Don't Want Your Money, Honey," and "Lover Man." "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_13

Her first single "Waga-Waga" / "I Don't Want Your Money, Honey," was released in June 1949. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_14

Reviewing the single, Billboard wrote: "New thrush-88er packs a dynamite live style with something of Rose Murphy and Nellie Lutcher and plenty of her own. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_15

Her piano work is of pro caliber, too. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_16

The record "I Don't Want Your Money, Honey" was Cash Box magazine's Race Disk O' The Week. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_17

They noted that track was a "surefire clickeroo if ever there was one. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_18

Jut listen to this gal skim thru the 88's and gurgle, chuckle, giggle and sing, and make more sounds than you've heard in a month of Sundays." "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_19

The single did well in local markets, but it did not chart nationally. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_20

Her second single, "I'm In Town" / "Lover Man," was released in September 1949. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_21

Later that year, Thomas had another session with Exclusive and recorded four more songs. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_22

The single "Thinking Of You" / "I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City" was released in December. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_23

That month, Exclusive declared bankruptcy and ceased operations in January 1950. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_24

Thomas never released another record. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_25

In the 1950s, Thomas performed gigs around California. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_26

She married Lonnie I. Riggs in 1954. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_27

By the 1960s, Thomas had relocated back to Detroit; she performed around the Midwest. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_28

She died in Detroit on July 5, 1978. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_29

Years after her death, Thomas' songs were featured in the soundtracks of a few movies. "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_30

"I'm In Town" was used in the films Men Of Honor (2000), Lonely Hearts (2006), and Trumbo (2015). "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_31

One of her unreleased Exclusive tracks, "I Only Want You" was used in the films Lovelife (1997) and Second Skin (2000). "Frantic" Fay Thomas_sentence_32

Discography "Frantic" Fay Thomas_section_1

"Frantic" Fay Thomas_unordered_list_0

  • 1949: "Waga-Waga" / "I Don't Want Your Money, Honey" (Exclusive 109x)"Frantic" Fay Thomas_item_0_0
  • 1949: "I'm In Town" / "Lover Man" (Exclusive 126x)"Frantic" Fay Thomas_item_0_1
  • 1949: "Thinking Of You" / "I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City" (Exclusive 145x)"Frantic" Fay Thomas_item_0_2

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