"Glozel est Authentique!"

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"Glozel est Authentique!" "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_0

is a 1984 role-playing game adventure for Call of Cthulhu published by Theatre of the Mind Enterprises. "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_1

Contents "Glozel est Authentique!"_section_0

"Glozel est Authentique!" "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_2

features two scenarios: the title scenario sends investigators to the site of an archeological dig in France to determine its authenticity, and "Secrets of the Kremlin" sends characters to the heart of Stalin's Moscow. "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_3

Reception "Glozel est Authentique!"_section_1

Stephen Kyle reviewed Glozel est Authentique! "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_4

for White Dwarf #59, giving it an overall rating of 5 out of 10, and stated that "some of TOME's previous CoC adventure packs have been notable for their poor layout, terrible artwork and hordes of stereotypical Germans. "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_5

Well, just for a change, this one has terrible layout, quite good artwork and hordes of stereotypical French and Russians." "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_6

William A. Barton reviewed "Glozel est Authentique!" "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_7

in Space Gamer No. "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_8

71. "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_9

Barton commented that "Overall, "Glozel est Authentique!" "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_10

is probably TOME's best CoC adventure pack to date. "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_11

If you've liked TOME's past releases, you'll love this one; even if you haven't cared for past adventures, this is one you should take a look at - as a French/Russian sourcebook for CoC play, if nothing else." "Glozel est Authentique!"_sentence_12

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