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For the song by Sadist, see Holy... "Holy..."_sentence_0

See also: Holy cow (expression) "Holy..."_sentence_1

"Holy...!" "Holy..."_sentence_2

(for example "Holy cow! "Holy..."_sentence_3

", "Holy mackerel!" "Holy..."_sentence_4

or "Holy smoke!") "Holy..."_sentence_5

is an of surprise used mostly in English-speaking countries. "Holy..."_sentence_6

Robin of the Batman TV series is noted for his many catchphrase "Holy..." exclamations. "Holy..."_sentence_7

The lines in the 1960s TV series were uttered by Burt Ward who played Robin, who delivered the exclamations in a nasal voice. "Holy..."_sentence_8

Many of the camp quips are directly related to the plot; for example, "Holy Graf Zeppelin!" "Holy..."_sentence_9

is uttered by Robin upon seeing an aerial balloon. "Holy..."_sentence_10

In his cameo on the Arrowverse crossover "Crisis on Infinite Earths", Burt Ward exclaims, "Holy crimson skies of death!" "Holy..."_sentence_11

while Earth-66 experiences red skies due to the incoming antimatter wave. "Holy..."_sentence_12

Analysis "Holy..."_section_0

According to New York wellness expert Scott A. Morofsky, Robin would "inevitably refer to an intense experience with a loud, 'Holy... Batman, what do we do now?'". "Holy..."_sentence_13

Bradley J. Ricca, comic book scholar at Case Western Reserve University, suggests that: "Robin exists as a media entity inextricably linked with Batman and shares nearly as much ubiquity in American culture". "Holy..."_sentence_14

He considers Robin's famous "Holy..." catchphrases to have been grossly overused in the series, popularizing it in the American vernacular. "Holy..."_sentence_15

Cartoons such as The Super Friends continued to make use of Robin and his catchphrases, "spouting 'Holy' in front of every noun imaginable" and Robin's exclamations still remain closely associated with his character in popular culture. "Holy..."_sentence_16

American author David Shields notes how much in contrast Robin's "Holy..." outbursts, his alliteration and assonance, his fast riffs were to the laconic Batman. "Holy..."_sentence_17

According to film critics Deborah Cartmell and Imelda Whelehan, Robin's quip "Holey Rusted Metal!" "Holy..."_sentence_18

in Batman Forever was an "explicit in-joke". "Holy..."_sentence_19

Camp humour, through Robin's exclamations and other circumstances in the Batman series, have led some commentators to speculate on homosexual undertones in the relationship between Batman and Robin. "Holy..."_sentence_20

Image Entertainment paid homage to Robin's quips with the title "Batman: Holy Batmania" in a 2004 2-disc DVD release containing four documentaries discussing the sixties TV series. "Holy..."_sentence_21

The DVD title is the name of one of the documentaries itself. "Holy..."_sentence_22

See also "Holy..."_section_1


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