Foundational Model of Anatomy

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The Foundational Model of Anatomy Ontology (FMA) is a reference ontology for the domain of Human anatomy. Foundational Model of Anatomy_sentence_0

It is a symbolic representation of the canonical, phenotypic structure of an organism; a spatial-structural ontology of anatomical entities and relations which form the physical organization of an organism at all salient levels of granularity. Foundational Model of Anatomy_sentence_1

FMA is developed and maintained by the Structural Informatics Group at the University of Washington. Foundational Model of Anatomy_sentence_2

Description Foundational Model of Anatomy_section_0

FMA ontology contains approximately 75,000 classes and over 120,000 terms, over 2.1 million relationship instances from over 168 relationship types. Foundational Model of Anatomy_sentence_3

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