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According to Bandura’s social learning theory, the greatest phenomena of modeling is the imitation of others’ behavior; he believes that people are learning from others’ success or failures (Slavin, 2018). I think that Annie uses this comment because she has heard this phrase many times at home or via communication with her peers. Since imitation of others’ behavior plays a huge role in people’s lives, Annie might start copying this type of behavior. Attention - paying attention to demonstrated behavior is necessary to be able to learn it. The students reported paying close attention when they observed a behaviour that aligned with their views of what was important about being a doctor. This purposeful role gave her an involved perspective from which to observe and maintained her attention. Liam, who like other students talked about the importance of being able to relate to their role models, attributed this relatability, instagram hacks 2020 in part, to him and his role models thinking alike.

It allows people who do their best work at night to do it then and early birds to do their best work before the sun is shining. Initially, this behavior begins as a meaningless grasping motion; however, as people react to the gesture, it becomes a movement that has meaning. He might ask Annie’s parents about her behavior at home and ask them if there anything that he should be aware of. In order to influence Annie’s self-regulation, I would teach her how to find out your instagram password to use self-regulating strategies in a variety of context so that it becomes a habit (Slavin, 2018). I would set learning goals for her writing and teach her how to grade her "own essay in terms of content, mechanics, and organization" (Slavin, 2018, p. After the growing popularity of virtual reality, in 2018 you will see the increasing demand for augmented reality which is going to amend some aspects of social media marketing. After looking at the data from the Uniform Crime Report of robbery, one of the four violent crimes, this theory will be expanded upon.

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