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For The Nettwerk compilation album, see Wild Planet (compilation album). Wild Planet_sentence_0

Wild Planet is the second studio album by the B-52's, released in 1980. Wild Planet_sentence_1

As with their first album, the B-52's traveled to Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas to record Wild Planet. Wild Planet_sentence_2

Several of the songs from the album had been concert staples since 1978. Wild Planet_sentence_3

The band deliberately did not record them for their first album because they had too many tracks and wanted a strong second album, knowing that performing the tracks live would make fans look forward to it. Wild Planet_sentence_4

Rhett Davies co-produced the album, and more emphasis was put on production for Wild Planet. Wild Planet_sentence_5

Wild Planet was quickly certified gold. Wild Planet_sentence_6

Film director Gus Van Sant thanks the band in the credits of the 1991 film My Own Private Idaho for the use of the song title "Private Idaho". Wild Planet_sentence_7

The song itself is not referred to anywhere in the movie. Wild Planet_sentence_8

Critical reception Wild Planet_section_0

Wild Planet_table_general_0

Professional ratingsWild Planet_table_caption_0
Review scoresWild Planet_header_cell_0_0_0
SourceWild Planet_header_cell_0_1_0 RatingWild Planet_header_cell_0_1_1
AllMusicWild Planet_cell_0_2_0 Wild Planet_cell_0_2_1
Christgau's Record GuideWild Planet_cell_0_3_0 B+Wild Planet_cell_0_3_1
The Rolling Stone Album GuideWild Planet_cell_0_4_0 Wild Planet_cell_0_4_1
Spin Alternative Record GuideWild Planet_cell_0_5_0 7/10Wild Planet_cell_0_5_1

Billboard gave Wild Planet a positive review, calling it an improvement over the band's debut album and "a cinch for hot rotation in rock-oriented discos". Wild Planet_sentence_9

On the other hand, Robert Christgau found it less of a danceable success than its predecessor, writing in The Village Voice in March 1981: "'Party Out of Bounds' and 'Quiche Lorraine' are expert entertainments at best and the wacko parochialism of 'Private Idaho' is a positive annoyance. Wild Planet_sentence_10

Only on 'Devil in My Car' and 'Give Me Back My Man' do they exploit the potential for meaning—cosmic and emotional, respectively—that accrues to the world's greatest new-wave kiddie-novelty disco-punk band." Wild Planet_sentence_11

Rolling Stone magazine's Frank Rose also felt that it "plainly lacks the relentless exuberance of the group's debut disc", which he considered "partly a result of the production: flatter and duller sounding than its predecessor". Wild Planet_sentence_12

Track listing Wild Planet_section_1

"Party Out of Bounds" lends its name both to singer Fred Schneider's radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio, and to an annual charity benefit party held in the band's hometown of Athens, Georgia. Wild Planet_sentence_13

Personnel Wild Planet_section_2

Wild Planet_description_list_0

Wild Planet_unordered_list_1

Wild Planet_description_list_2

Wild Planet_unordered_list_3

  • Rhett Davies - engineerWild Planet_item_3_5
  • Benjamin Armbrister - assistant engineerWild Planet_item_3_6
  • Robert Waldrop - art directionWild Planet_item_3_7
  • Lynn Goldsmith - cover photographyWild Planet_item_3_8

Chart performance Wild Planet_section_3

The album spent 27 weeks on the U.S. Billboard album charts and reached its peak position of #18 in late September 1980. Wild Planet_sentence_14

Wild Planet_table_general_1

Chart (1980)Wild Planet_header_cell_1_0_0 Peak

positionWild Planet_header_cell_1_0_1

U.S. Billboard 200Wild Planet_cell_1_1_0 18Wild Planet_cell_1_1_1
UK Albums ChartWild Planet_cell_1_2_0 18Wild Planet_cell_1_2_1

Certifications Wild Planet_section_4

Wild Planet_table_general_2

OrganizationWild Planet_header_cell_2_0_0 LevelWild Planet_header_cell_2_0_1 DateWild Planet_header_cell_2_0_2
RIAA – U.S.Wild Planet_cell_2_1_0 GoldWild Planet_cell_2_1_1 October 21, 1981Wild Planet_cell_2_1_2

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